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Catawba Launches New Campus Map "Experience"

January 14, 2014

Category: Faculty, Staff, Students, Technology

newmap14.jpgCatawba College has launched a new online interactive map as part of a new  mobile-friendly, rich map-based experience for students and visitors wanting  to explore the Catawba campus virtually.

Thanks to a generous gift from a longtime friend of the college, Catawba has  upgraded the online and print versions of its campus map. The work, recently  completed with the assistance of Boulder, Colorado-based concept3D and its  Campus Bird platform, provides new, up-to-date details about Catawba's  41-building, 276-acre campus.

The new interactive campus map, available at includes  3D models, 2D graphic overlays, custom streetview photos, videos, tours and  much more. Thanks to concept3D's CampusBird interactive map manager,  the college now has an easy-to-use and intuitive editing platform that allows  upgrades to be made to the map as they are made to grounds and facilities on  campus.

"For Catawba, this new interactive map allows us to deliver a compelling,  campus experience to prospective students and their families, as well as to  alumni and friends of the college, who may not be able to visit our campus  in person," explained Catawba web designer Maegen Worley. "Updated  Google streetview images that showcase many campus buildings are also a new  feature that we are anxious to share with virtual visitors."

"Supporting clients with the solutions to effectively provide their end-users  with a rich map-based experience is the ultimate goal for the CampusBird platform  and our multimedia production team" said Ruston McGarr, president and  chief operating officer of concept3D.

 Concept3D, Inc. is a leading web, mobile and geolocation software development  company. It offers professional multimedia services, custom software  and web services, CampusBird interactive school maps, Atlas map management  system and simuwatt energy analysis and assessment tools. Catawba has joined  the growing list of higher education clients utilizing concept3D's CampusBird  platform. For more details visit:

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