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Catawba Men's and Women's Soccer Reunion Review

September 25, 2006

Category: Alumni, Athletics, Events


Soccer Reunion 2006
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Nearly seventy Catawba College Men's and Women's soccer alumni returned to campus this weekend for their reunion. Former players and coaches returned for a luncheon and then watched Coach Craig Turnbull's men notch his 100th career win by toppling West Virginia Wesleyan 4-2 and, in the nightcap, John Cullen's women scored a late goal to defeat SAC conference foe Mars Hill 3-2.

See the gallery of photos from the reunion and a poem below written by Meredith Knowles Abramson, class of '96, that brought back many a memory to all in attendance.


As I meander in my memory
I mindlessly make my way to Frock Fields And I cannot help to stop at the rock where I sat — so many times to boot up and prepare for one of those perpetual and often painful practices

My cleats sink into the gravel
at the foot of the fields
As I pair up with a partner
and play my way through
another day of
saunting drills,
small-sided games,
end-of-practice sprints
And remember... nothing drops

Work study in the soccer house
Doing laundry downstairs
(not really certain if I'd call the end-product clean) Stuffing and sealing envelopes and keeping up with the latest list of recruits Having faith that Coach would find the best players to fill the shoes of the upperclassmen we looked up to, learned from, and missed deeply upon their graduations —  on both the field and in our hearts

On away games, we'd travel
in fifteen passenger vans
Filled to the very rim
with players,
The Coolers packed by cafeteria ladies
weren't as much fun — nor as filling —
as the team dinners at Ryan's

On game nights,
the rhythmic clip, clip, clip
of countless cleats on concrete
on feet lined up in twos
wearing red socks for big games
with a team that traditionally sings,
"Here we go, here we go, here we go..."

Fog rolling in over Frock Fields
Our most faithful fan's pipe often adding the sweetest incensce-like smell to the haze hovering over the moist, green grass Halftime.
The crisp fall air
fills our lungs
as the steam
from our sweaty heads
wiggles upward into the air

The fields have seen many seasons
players have come and gone
But the earth underneath
remembers and whispers
of traditions,
and treasures
of which we have all experienced.

Fortunate to have found Catawba by way of our love of soccer Each of us is so fortunately equipped With minds and bodies of discipline, strength, dedication, the ability to work with others, to take instruction, and to be guided.
For this, we are thankful.

Sweet memories
resonate in my mind.
I harbor, hold, and value the knowledge
gained in the classrooms and on the fields here in sweet Salisbury, North Carolina.
In the metaphorical game of life,
it will always be a bright, bright sunshiny day...

Meredith Knowles Abramson
September 2006

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