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Catawba Psychology Department Faculty and Students Sharing Their Research

February 21, 2014

Category: Faculty, Psychology, Students

psychdept2014.jpgThe faculty of Catawba College's Psychology Department, Drs. Lyn Boulter, Erin Wood, and Sheila Brownlow, and several students will travel to the annual meeting of the Southeastern Psychological Association in Nashville, Tenn., March 5-8. Students attending include Leah Ryan of Westborough, Mass.; Kedtrin Gallagher of Little River, S.C.; Cinthia Rodriguez of Salisbury; Emily Carlton of Winston-Salem; and Olivia Laspina-Williams of Marshall. Additionally, Dr. Pamela Thompson, the Ketner School of Business (KSOB) interim dean, and Laurel Powell of Mooresville, a KSOB student, will be attending a portion of the meeting to present results of their research collaboration with Dr. Boulter.

Dr. Erin Wood will be presenting her research into the role of smartphone wellness apps and health outcomes in a poster titled The Role of Smartphone "Apps" in Health-Related Self-Efficacy Reports. She is linking people's beliefs about their ability to control their own behavior and the surrounding environs (a.k.a. health self-efficacy) in support of their own health, physical, emotional, and otherwise.

Dr. Lyn T. Boulter of the Psychology Department faculty, Dr. Pamela Thompson, interim dean of the Ketner School of Business (KSOB), and Laurel Powell of Mooresville, a KSOB student, will present their research entitled Data Mining: Searching for Hidden Knowledge in Student Retention Data. Data mining uses techniques that go beyond statistical analysis to uncover hidden information data. Applying data mining techniques, the authors combined data from several sources to identify student retention information. Preliminary results show the benefit of geographical and other methods of clustering in order to improve the predictors for retention.

Students Emily Carlton of Winston-Salem, Kedtrin Gallagher of Little River, S.C., Tim Conner of Statesville, and Dr. Sheila Brownlow of the Psychology Department faculty, will present the results of their fall 2013 research titled The Effect of Ego Depletion on Implicit Bias toward Latinos. Their study examined differential achievement- and affect-laden linguistic responses to job candidates by cognitively-depleted and non-depleted students.

Students Leah Ryan of Westborough, Mass., and Ben Patterson of Rockwell will present their research through the undergraduate poster venue. Their work, mentored by Dr. Sheila Brownlow of the Psychology Department faculty, is Women Athletes' Spatial Performance After Priming. The research examined how priming for success or failure influenced mental rotation abilities for women on sports teams.

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