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Catawba Psychology Students and Faculty to Attend Conference

March 2, 2015

Category: Academics, Events, Psychology, Students

A group of 17 students and all three faculty from the Psychology Department at Catawba College will travel to the 61st Southeastern Psychological Association annual conference in Hilton Head, S.C., March 18-21. The group will be active in all aspects of the conference — from presiding at sessions to attendance at symposia and talks — and, most importantly, will make seven research presentations conducted by the faculty and students of the psychology department, including:

Parent Choice Of Pre-Kindergarten Sites: Do Parents Look Beyond Location? by senior Katherine Lins of Philadelphia, Pa., and Dr. Lyn Boulter;

  • Related Self - Efficacy and Associated Demographic and Wellness App Use Trends, by Dr. Erin Wood;
  • Judgments of Research Quality from Language Style Used in Scientific Writing, by seniors Jessica Gibson pf Salisbury, Madelin Contreras of Salisbury, junior Grace Tworek of Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada, and Dr. Sheila Brownlow
  • The Influence of Ego Depletion on Self-Enhancement Strategies, by seniors Ekaterina "Katia" Kruglov of Karmiel, Israel, Ellen Stout of Statesville, junior Erich Guebert of Martinsville, Va., and Dr. Sheila Brownlow
  • Does Fitness Priming Influence Judgments of Self- and Other Physical and Psychological Characteristics?  by junior Kathleen Burris of Mt. Pleasant, senior Katherine Lins of Philadelphia, Pa., and Dr. Sheila Brownlow
  • Senior psychology major Katherine Sims of Mocksville will present An Examination of Counseling Strategies in Psych-oncology:  A Literature Review" in the undergraduate presentation session, sponsored by Sheila Brownlow.


  • Both Dr. Boulter and Dr. Wood will present in a symposium called "Using Class Activities to Keep Psychology Students' Interested"
  • Drs. Boulter, Wood, and Brownlow all served on the Program Committee, reviewing research proposals, and Dr. Boulter and Dr. Brownlow each presided at sessions.  Dr.  Brownlow also reviewed abstracts for student research for the Committee for Equality in Professional Opportunity and Dr. Boulter represented Catawba's Psi Chi chapter at organization activities.

In addition to the students who present their research as aforementioned, the following students will be attending the conference: Jennifer Beach of Westminster, Md. (sophomore); Kristina Bishop of Mocksville (junior); Ashley Everidge of Hamptonville (senior); Joe McDonald of Charlotte (junior); Erica Pippen of Durham (junior); Abby Moore of University Park, Md.(junior); Faith Carleton of Cleveland (junior); and Timothy Conner of Statesville (senior).

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