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Catawba Students Register for J Term Classes

October 12, 2012

Category: Academics, Biology, Business & Economics, English, Music, Students, Theatre Arts

Winter Term TravelCatawba College students are now registering for "J Term" courses that will allow them to take a one to three-hour online class or travel abroad during Catawba's winter term, the December-January time that coincides with Christmas break.

Courses offered and enrollment in the "J term" has doubled since it was initially offered in the 2009-2010 academic year. Courses offered during Catawba's J term are only available to Catawba College students and students may only take one three-hour course during this term. Last year, 116 students took online classes or traveled abroad during Catawba's winter term.

This year, Catawba's J Term offers travel opportunities to Tokyo, Bonaire, and Nashville, as well as a selection of online courses.   The Bonaire travel course is a one-hour scuba diving course in Bonaire entitled Marine Science, while the Tokyo travel course is the three-hour Japanese Musical Theatre and Dance, and the three-hour Nashville travel course is Music Nashville. The three-hour online courses include Biology in the Movies, Elements of Fiction Writing, America Since 1945, Management Information, Graphical Design for Business, Principles of Management, Motivation and Leadership, Understanding Musical Arts, World Music, Elementary Spanish I and Hispanic Culture in Literature and Film.

Catawba College Associate Provost, Dr. Steve Coggin, says the J term has "grown in a just a few years from an experiment to an established part of College course offerings."   In order to keep costs down and to allow the campus to remain closed for the holiday break, classes offered are either travel or online courses.

"The intensive three-week format allows students to travel and experience new cultures or advance in their degree program with the popular online courses."   Coggin adds.

The J term tuition is priced at $320 for credit hour and the students incur travel and program related costs (books, travel, meals).


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