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Catawba Students Say There's No Place Like Home Except the Beach for Spring Break

March 5, 2015

Category: Events, Students

Catawba students say the beach is the BEST place to go for Spring Break.

The next best place? Catawba students say there's no place like home as the second best place to be during Spring Break.

Where are Catawba students going for Spring Break? What is the best place to go for Spring Break? Catawba students were asked these two questions in preparation for the College's Spring Break, March 7-15.

Their answers were both not surprising and very surprising. Below is a list of the best places to spend Spring Break according to Catawba students, plus a list of where in the world Catawba students will be travelling to during the break.


  • #1 - The Beach
  • #2 - Home
  • #3 - New York City, NY
  • #4 - Disney World
  • #5 - Anywhere!
  • Other places include: Miami, The Mountains, and anywhere warm!

Below are just some of the places that Catawba students are travelling to this year for Spring Break:

  • Greece (Study Abroad)
  • San Diego
  • Bahamas
  • Atlanta
  • The Beach
  • Panama City
  • Disney World
  • Key West
  • The Mountains
  • San Francisco
  • Cancun
  • NYC
  • Home (see best places list!)



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