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Catawba Theatre Students to Participate in Moment Work Workshop

January 12, 2016

Category: Academics, Events, Students, Theatre Arts

momentworkshop.jpgCatawba Theatre Arts will host Barbara Pitts McAdams of the internationally renowned Tectonic Theatre Project for an intensive Moment Work workshop on January 16 between 2-5 p.m. in the Hedrick Little Theatre on campus.  McAdams is an original cast and creative member of The Laramie Project and is a teaching member of the company.

Moment Work is Tectonics’s unique methodology for developing, analyzing, and reimagining theatre. It serves as the foundation for all of the Company’s working process, encouraging participants to actively engage with the elements of the stage and enfranchising writers, actors, designers and directors to collaborate in theatrical storytelling that stretches their creative capacity.

Catawba students of theatre and playwriting will participate in a Level I Training Lab, an introduction to the Method. In the evening, the cast of Catawba’s’ spring production of Eurydice (runs at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 23-27 in Hedrick Little Theatre on campus) will work with McAdams to further develop some staging for the production. Finally, on Wednesday, February 24, McAdams will offer a post-show response the Catawba production of Eurydice.

The award-winning Tectonic Theatre Project is dedicated to developing innovative works that explore theatrical language and form, fostering an artistic dialogue with audiences on the social, political, and human issues that affect us all. Tectonic Theatre Project was founded in 1991 by Moises Kaufman and Jeffrey LaHoste. Its groundbreaking plays, The Laramie Project, Gross Indecency: The Three Trails of Oscar Wilde, and I Am My Own Wife, among others, have sparked national discourse and have inspired audiences and artist worldwide.

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