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Catawba Welcomes New Faculty

September 9, 2013

Category: Academics, Business & Economics, Chemistry, Faculty, Politics, Sport & Health Sciences, Teacher Education, Theatre Arts

Almost a dozen new faculty members joined Catawba College at the start of the 2013-2014 academic year.   Their divergent academic and personal interests were as welcomed as each of them to the campus community.

Brandy N. Jones, MS, ATC, ROT
Assistant Professor Athletic Training and Clinical Coordinator
Department of Physical Education and Recreation
Goodman School of Education

This admitted "carb-aholic" who loves Italian food says her interest in sports medicine began in high school.   "While playing basketball my freshman year, I tore my ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament). As a result of this injury, I had surgery and went through a lengthy rehab. Due to my initial interactions with my physical therapist, I went to college with the intentions of pursing physical therapy as a career; however, after taking an Introduction to Athletic Training course I fell in love with this profession and haven't looked back."

BS Athletic Training, Western Carolina University
MS Athletic Training, East Stroudsburg University
Doctorate of Education in Leadership (in progress), Valdosta State University

Norris T. Feeney, Ph.D.
Visiting Assistant Professor of Politics
Department of History and Politics
Hurley School of Arts and Sciences

"Anything that is cheesy, corny, or punny (or best a combination of these)" will make Dr. Norris Feeney laugh, he says.   Concerning his academic discipline, he explains, "I enjoy reading and hearing arguments (or creating my own) that build towards an answer much more than reaching the conclusion or answer. Studying both Comparative and International Politics gives me perhaps the largest possible playground to explore in my discipline. The questions I like to explore touch on the deeper questions of the nature of man and why we interact with one another the way we do."

BA Political Science, Kenyon College
Ph.D. Political Science, University of Tennessee-Knoxville
Dana Campagna Lanham
Instructor in Business
Department of Business and Economics
Ketner School of Business

"Cool" is Dana Lanham's favorite word and here's why, she says:   "After being in the toy industry for 20 years, this word works with every generation. When I have done research with children playing with toys, they say something is ‘cool.' When I am happy with something in my life or work, I say it is ‘cool.'   It is the most communicative and simple word that is just so clear when you use it. People get it, and it is a very positive word."   In her particular discipline, she is interested mostly in strategic planning and product development. "I find it extremely interesting to analyze the market and develop a strategy that creates a new opportunity from my findings."  

BBA Marketing, University of Massachusetts
MBA Marketing, Western New England University
Richard V. Macri, Ph.D.
Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Hurley School of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Richard Macri has professional interest "in the synthesis and testing of new drugs, specifically towards treatment of diabetes and fibromyalgia."   If chemistry had not won over his academic passion, he would have done something with computers.   "I'm a computer geek," he explains.   "I spent four years in the Marine Corps where I was an aviation electronics technician."   His biggest accomplishment to date, he shares, is graduation from Marine Corps Boot Camp.   That achievement made him realize, "I can do anything after that."

BS Chemistry, UNC Wilmington
Ph.D. Chemistry, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Karen K. Lucas, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Teacher Education
Goodman School of Education

"Goal-oriented," Karen Lucas says, best describes her, and she'd opt for pizza if she could only have one thing to eat.   This educator shares that her goal "is facilitating the development of teachers' knowledge of mathematical concepts and teaching strategies so that they may learn to effectively teach mathematics to K-12 students."   She's also interested in "when and how computer technologies should be integrated into mathematics instruction in order to maximize the pedagogical affordances that those technologies can provide."  

BS, Delaware Valley College
MAT in Mathematics Education, East Carolina University
Ph.D. Education, University of Tennessee
Francis "Frank" J. Farina, J.D.
Associate Professor of Accounting and Director of the Institute of Accounting
Department of Business and Economics
Ketner School of Business

Perennially upbeat Frank Farina shares that he can "find humor in almost any situation and comment liberally!"   This dual profession practitioner, who is both a CPA and an attorney at law, is particularly interested in fraudulent financial accounting and reporting and audit failure.   "As a teacher of potential CPAs," he says, "it is important to impress upon them the professional standards they need to follow and the consequences if they don't."   If he could be someone else, this self-styled rock and roll expert, would like to be "the head of music programming for Pandora, Sirius or some other specialty broadcast station."

BSBA, Suffolk University
MBA, George Washington University
J.D., Georgetown University Law Center

Meredith K. Fox '07
Visiting Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts
Shuford School of Performing Arts

Chocolate could be the food de jour for this assistant professor who says she "lives to dance."   As a dance instructor, she explains, "I am always looking for the most physical and ensemble-related methodologies to teach acting technique and create theatre.   I believe approaching theatre through the physical ensemble realm actively develops the actor's main communicative instrument for portraying a character and telling a story, his body."   She shares that she once "ran away with the circus for a summer" when a good friend hired her to work as a dancer/Commedia actor/creator with his company, Zany Umbrella Circus.

BFA Musical Theatre, Catawba College
MFA Physical Theatre, Accademia dell'Arte in Partnership with Mississippi University for Women
Phillip M. Frank
Visiting Assistant Professor of Business
Department of Business and Economics
Ketner School of Business

Phillip Frank describes himself as a "kind" individual with a love for key lime pie, but his biggest pet peeve is a student coming late to his class.   This fan of the Atlanta Braves says he has "a great love for the entire marketing field however; I would say that my personal research interests tend to emphasize (1) international brand extensions and (2) global youth culture. I am generally interested in how mass media is propagated and internalized by different cultures; specifically as it relates to younger consumers."   If Phillip Frank could be someone else, it would be Sir  Richard Branson "because he has made a life of breaking down stereotypes."

BS Marketing, Appalachian State University
MBA, High Point University
Ph.D. (in progress), UNC Greensboro
T. Brian Routh
Instructor in Accounting
Department of Business and Economics
Ketner School of Business

"Sunshine, smiling and the beach" make Brian Routh happy and if he had only one thing to eat, he'd choose filet mignon.   But put food and feelings aside, and this instructor is serious about what he teaches and his teaching interests are in the field of cost accounting. "I enjoy this field of accounting," he explains, "because it dives into the inner workings of businesses. Accountants in this field get to become experts on one particular company and industry (i.e. glass making, construction, etc.)."   Several items on his bucket list include visiting the pyramids and participating in an African safari.

BS Accounting, UNC Wilmington
MS Accounting, UNC Wilmington
Daniel Cicenia, Ph.D.
Visiting Assistant Professor of Politics
Department of History and Politics
Hurley School of Arts and Sciences

BBA Marketing, Pace University
M.A. Political Science, University of Georgia
Ph.D. Political Science, University of Florida
Karen Austen, Ph.D., HFI
Visiting Assistant Professor of Exercise Science
Goodman School of Education

BS Exercise Science, Guilford College
M.Ed. Exercise Science, Auburn University
Ph.D. Exercise Physiology Higher Education Teaching, University of North Texas



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