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Catawba's Campus Dining Is Transformed

August 23, 2012

Category: Staff, Students

Dining Hall RevovationsCatawba College students are enjoying meals this academic year in a renovated dining hall.

Over the summer, Chartwells, the college's food service provider, renovated the space used for serving and dining in the Cannon Student Center, and the changes and upgrades are being well-received.

In addition to new dining hall furniture, lighting, paint and floor covering, the serving stations have been transformed with Chartwells staff in place at all stations and fresh food prepared to order.

Corey Fischer"There are more employees because of manned stations, but less food waste because of portion control," explained Catawba's food service manager, Corey Fischer. "Everyone is amazed. Students can see the fresh ingredients and the flexibility, and options are endless."

Three hundred and five people can be seated in the three dining areas and continuous dining is offered. Instead of three set meal periods a day, five are now offered, Fischer said. Between 7:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. weekdays, these five meal periods include breakfast, light breakfast, lunch, light lunch and dinner. During the light meal periods, hot serving stations are not open. Instead, during light lunch for example, which runs between 1:30 and 5 p.m., diners have the option of a salad, a deli sandwich, something from the grill or the "my pantry" area.

Dining Hall RevovationsWhile renovations to the dining hall are the most visible to students, another upgrade that came with the renovation of the dining hall space was the installation of solar panels to provide domestic hot water throughout the Cannon Student Center. Fischer noted that this upgrade was in keeping with a buzz word associated with the dining hall renovation – "sustainability."

"We're still working on buying local produce," Fischer said, adding that cage free eggs are always on the menu as is seafood that is sustainably harvested, and milk without rGHB.

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