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Catawba's Incoming First-Year Students Can Select Their First-Year Seminars through July

June 6, 2013

Category: Academics, Events, Students

Living/Learning Community (LLC)

Until July, incoming first-year students can select their top three choices from among all of Catawba's unique first-year seminars.    

First-Year Seminar (FYS) is an integrated comprehensive discussion and seminar course that approaches an interesting topic from multiple perspectives. All first time freshmen take FYS. Not only do students enjoy learning about various topics with their peers, but there are common elements across all First-Year Seminars. All of the seminars help students become acclimated to college life, and to Catawba especially, and each focuses on college skills that are needed to be successful during the first year.  

There is a special section just for First-Generation college students — those students who are the first in their families pursue a four-year degree.  Students have the option of taking a Multimedia look at the Vietnam War, or exploring the Geographies of Home, When the Buffalo Roamed the Carolinas, or Culture and Angels and Demons (oh my!)

They can have an Introduction to Law or come to understand what happens when Darwin meets the Beatles. Students may want to find out more about why it's a Small World after All or explore the world of Orcs, Elves, Dwarfs, and Hobbits, think about Race and Gender in African American Literature, Film and Music, or maybe just learn how to Read the Signs.

"From investigating 'The Lord of the Rings' and the mathematics of gambling, games and sports, to looking at the global origins of angels and demons, and American South's twists on food, people and art, Catawba's seminars for incoming students offer a wide-range of intellectually challenging and fun topics to explore," says Dr. J. Michael Bitzer, acting provost and associate professor of politics and history at Catawba.

"Some seminars are fashioned as 'living/learning communities' that builds community service and other activities into the students' activities, while others are geared to first-generation college students that explores what it means to be 'first' in a variety of areas. All of the seminars are designed to introduce Catawba students to their academic 'world' and help them make the critical transition into college life. Oftentimes, these seminars build the kind of college community that Catawba truly excels at with its faculty, staff and students."

Seminars do fill — and close — so students should submit their three choices today! Be sure to note that some seminars are "invitation-only."  

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