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Catawba's New TV Spots to Air in Select Cable Markets

January 28, 2011

Category: Academics, Alumni, Students

WATCH VIDEOSCatawba College has produced and will air several television commercials in select cable markets during the first quarter of this year. The 30-second commercials, which feature Catawba students as talent, will run during select programs on the cable systems serving Lancaster, Lebanon, York and Harrisburg, Pa., Roanoke, Va., and Jacksonville, Fla., markets.

The spots target the 18-24 age group and will air in cable programming viewed by this demographic on networks like MTV, TBS and USA, and during shows such as "Family Guy," and "Burn Notice."

The commercials, shot on campus in early December, feature a variety of students speaking on camera, sharing their academic majors or future plans in an attempt to show the range of majors available at Catawba and how those majors prepare students for life after graduation. Each spot concludes with a student voice-over directing prospects who may be viewing to the college website where they may fill out a 1-Minute application for admission.

1-Minute ApplicationAccording to Catawba's Vice President of Enrollment Lois Williams, the goal of the commercials is to positively affect the college's enrollment for the upcoming 2011-2012 academic year. "We hope these spots will help our institution achieve some name recognition in key recruiting markets," Williams said. "In the Pennsylvania cable markets where they will air, we have a historic connection due to our United Church of Christ affiliation and alumni that we hope to rekindle.

"Catawba has much to offer students — a wide array of majors that well-prepare them for life after college, a temperate geographic location and an opportunity to establish meaningful and lasting one-on-one relationships with staff and faculty  who want to know their goals and help them achieve these."

Concurrent with the commercial schedules in these various markets, Catawba will also run online ads on the newspapers' websites which serve these cable markets.

The college worked with Joey and Catherine Popp of the Charlotte-based Marketing & Media Resources to produce the spots and place the cable buys. Joey, a 1977 Catawba alumnus, has spent his career as a broadcast journalist and a television and radio show host.

Video"WATCH the TV Spots on Catawba's YouTube Channel:



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