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Catawba’s Production of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” Set in the Year 2028

October 25, 2018

Category: Academics, Events, Students, Theatre Arts

Hamlet 1.jpgBy Catawba Student Naomi Stinson

Catawba College Theatre Arts will present William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” at 7:30 p.m. November 13th through 17th in Hedrick Little Theatre on campus.

Come and experience one of the greatest plays ever, but realize that this production isn’t like any other “Hamlet.” Director Thomas Bradley has set the production to contemporary life; this “Hamlet” is realis-tic. This play is very understandable for a college student who hasn’t seen the classic Shakespearean production. All audience-goers have to do is concentrate!

Perhaps the single most famous play in history, Catawba’s production of Shakespeare’s classic revenge drama “Hamlet” explores the political transition from democracy to dictatorship against the not-too-distant backdrop of the year 2028.

Catawba Theatre_Hamlet_16.jpgStaying true to the timeless struggle of young Prince Hamlet whose uncle marries his mother after the questionable and untimely death of his father, this production of “Hamlet” will deliver an exciting even-ing full of emotional turmoil, feigned and actual madness, and some of the best-known lines in theatrical history!

Cast members include Jacob Hammill as Hamlet, Prince of Denmark; Isaac Haney as the Ghost of King Hamlet; Randy Stull as King Claudius; Caroline Kirk as Queen Gertrude; Nunna Noe as Polonia; Kevin Kent as Laertes; Amy Kimbrough as Ophelia; Jameson Clanton as Horatio; Charlee Beth Hddock as Ros-encrantz; Jackson Chapin as Guildenstern; Bryn Early as Voltimand; Isabella Morrison as Cornelius; Eddie Stockman as Barnardo; Miranda Sibbett as Marcella; Rachel Makepeace as Francisca; Evelyn Castaneda Rivera as Messenger; Anna Green as Gentleman (IV.6); Eddie Stockman as Sailor (IV.6); Chandler Fields as Gravedigger; Olivia Woodall as Priest; Zoa Archer as English Ambassador; Mollie Wasserman as Fortinbras; Donna Owens as Player 1; Robby Matlock as Player King; Katelyn Woolard as Player Queen; and Robert Parks as Lucianus.

Crew members include Professor David Pulliam, Set Design; Professor Erin B. Dougherty, Costumes; Pro-fessor Christopher Zink, Lighting Design; Jameson Clanton and Kevin Kent, Fight Captains; Krissy Browder, Stage Manager; Grace Rodriquez and Amery Barton, Assistant Stage Managers; Amy Kim-brough, Dramaturg; Charles Karvon, Master Carpenter; Isaac Haney, Carpenter; Madi Dolchan, First Hand; Edward Stockman, Stitcher; Lauren DeFelice, Charge Scenic Artist; Andrew Prater, Master Electri-cian; Darren Vance, Electrician; Brielle Jobe, Props Master; Elizabeth Lackey, A1; Ada Rosado Valdez, A2; and Zach Karvon, V1.

Tickets for “Hamlet” are $15 for adults, $10 for senior adults/non-Catawba students, and free for Ca-tawba students, faculty and staff members. Buy these online at or for tickets and additional information, call the box office at 704-637-4481 between 2-5 p.m. weekdays. Tickets must be purchased 24 hours in advance of a performance.

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