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Enroll Now for Catawba College Community Music's Fall Classes

August 7, 2008

Category: Academics, Music

Community Music ProgramThe Catawba College Community Music Program is now enrolling students for 2008-2009 classes, ensembles and lessons. Providing quality music education and opportunities for students of all ages and levels of ability since 1984, Community Music is located in the Williams Music Building, Music Annex and the Hoke Building on the campus of Catawba College. The program was designed to provide a variety of quality musical experiences including private lessons, music classes and performance opportunities to help students of all ages and abilities in Salisbury and the surrounding areas develop lifelong musical foundations and skills.

PRIVATE INSTRUCTION (30, 45 or 60-minute private lessons) is offered for students of all ages and levels of ability on the following instruments: piano, voice, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, violin, viola, cello, percussion, flute, clarinet, saxophone, oboe, trumpet, and trombone. Experience, teaching styles, and availability vary from instructor to instructor, including Performing-Artist Teachers, Professional Teachers and Under-Graduate Teachers.

Catawba Community Music also will be offering the following classes to students, including several new additions to meet the interests and needs of the community:

SONGWRITING CLASS (High-school Age through Adults)
This class is designed to introduce students to the art and craft of songwriting. Topics will include melody, rhythm/style, harmony, form, and lyrics as well as the nature of aesthetics and the place of popular song within modern culture. Some background in music is required to take the course, but no formal training is necessary. Minimum Enrollment to offer class: 4; Class time TBA; Instructor, Derek Daisy.

PRE-PIANO CLASS is designed to introduce young children (ages 6-7) to the elements of music while learning about the unique qualities of the piano, this class is a creative bridge to the reading of music notation with music meaning. The child's natural curiosity about music is stimulated in through various class activities that include moving, singing, creating, listening, and playing keyboard and rhythm instruments. This two-semester course meets once a week and serves as an appropriate introduction to the more formal study of piano and/or other instruments. Meets one hour per week for 15 weeks each semester. Minimum Enrollment to offer class: 4. Tuesday, 3:30-4:30 pm, Instructor, Harper.

CLASS PIANO FOR CHILDREN is based on an active learning approach, musical concepts come alive as students learn and work together in a supportive group environment. Modern and innovative methods emphasize the development of essential musical skills including technique, ear training and improvisation, along with piano repertoire. Activities at the keyboard and musical games in theory make this class ideal for the beginning pianist. Classes have limited enrollment and meet one hour per week for 15 weeks each semester. Instructors, Erin Harper and Emily Schuttenberg. Minimum Enrollment to offer classes: 4 (Pre-Piano Class (Ages 6 and younger 7): Tuesday 3:30-4:30 (Instructor, Harper); Class Piano I (1st year students; ages (older) 7 and up): Monday 3:30-4:30 (Instructor, Harper) or Thursday 5:30-6:30 PM (Instructor, Harper); Class Piano II (2nd year students): Monday 4:30-5:30 (Instructor, Harper); Class Piano III (3rd year students): Tuesday 4:30-5:30 (Instructor, Schuttenberg)

CLASS PIANO FOR ADULTS (BEGINNERS) is for adults who always wanted to play piano but never had the opportunity. Students will learn important music fundamentals including music reading, music theory, aural training, and ensemble playing in a relaxed, stress-free classroom setting. Classes have limited enrollment and meet one hour per week for 15 weeks each semester. Minimum Enrollment to offer class: 4. Class Time TBA, Instructor, Tina Brown

CLASS PIANO FOR ADULTS (INTERMEDIATE STUDENTS) is designed for the continuing adult piano student. Completion of Class Piano for Beginners or prior formal piano training required. Classes have limited enrollment and meet one hour per week for 15 weeks each semester. Minimum Enrollment to offer class: 4. Class Time TBA; Instructor, Tina Brown

EARLY CHILDHOOD CLASSES will be offered to provide musical opportunities for children ranging from infants to five-year-olds. Musikgarten is an early childhood music and movement program that offers a sequential plan for the musical development of a child. This program is not about entertaining children with singing and musical games but rather about enhancing the development of fundamental skills through an age-appropriate, sensory based curriculum of musical elements and activities.

Erin Harper will serve as the licensed instructor, offering seasoned instruction for children ages three months through age five. Songs, dances, and stories will be revisited and reinterpreted in an age appropriate manner as the children advance from Family Music for Babies (3 months-11 months), to Family Music for Toddlers (12 months-2 years), and to the Cycle of Seasons (ages 3-5). This progression will build on what each child has discovered and enjoyed, making learning fun and effortless.

Join us for a complimentary preview class and share with your family the wonderful benefits of music and movement in early childhood. (Thursday, August 28, 9:30-10:00 AM or 5:00-5:30 PM, Hoke Building, Catawba College).

Family Music: Babies (3 Months through 11 Months)
This 30-35 minute class meets once a week for fifteen weeks each semester. Music Education is emphasized as parents learn how to modify activities in developmentally appropriate ways for the unique age characteristics of each child. Sing, bounce, rock and dance with your baby to begin to stimulate neural paths in your baby's brain to foster memory development, listening skills, musical thought and creative thinking. Minimum Enrollment to offer class: 5. Tuesdays at 9:30 a.m. and Thursdays at 12:30 p.m. Instructor, Erin Harper.

Family Music: Toddlers (12 Months – 2 years: Toddlers must be walking)
Your toddler and you, or another familiar caregiver, will participate together in this 30-35 minute fifteen-week class by singing, chanting, moving, dancing, listening and playing simple instruments. The increasing energy of your toddler will be channeled productively through activities which will help build your child's coordination, body awareness, exploration of space, and body control all through the pure joy of movement. Moving together will help you build a strong musical bond with your child as well as bridge the natural connection between music and movement. Using examples from daily life and musical instruments, listening skills begin to become focused. Singing folk songs will begin to lay the foundation for vocal development and use of language. Minimum Enrollment to offer class: 5. Tuesdays or Thursdays at 10:15, Instructor, Erin Harper.

Cycle of Seasons: (3–5 years)
This 45 – 50 minute class meets fifteen-weeks and includes singing, creative movement, focused listening, and musical games. In the classes, we will explore seasonal sounds and movements in nature as we delve into imaginary outings for use at home as a way to continue the activities learned in the class in a personal family setting. Minimum Enrollment to offer class: 5. Tuesdays at 12:30 or Thursdays at 9:30, Instructor, Erin Harper.

Catawba Children's Choir
Designed to provide opportunities for students (ages 8–14) to learn the fundamentals of good singing and musicianship, as well as to develop poise, confidence and good stage presence. The ensemble has limited enrollment and meets one hour per week for the fifteen-week session. By audition only (September 4 – call to schedule an audition at 704-637-4106). Ensemble meets in Hoke Hall, Thursday 4:00 – 5:00 PM; (15 week semester); Director, Randi Skaggs.

Catawba Youth Wind Ensembles
Two exciting new ensembles for young musicians (ages 11-16) to experience excellent instrumental instruction and quality performance opportunities. The "beginner" wind ensemble is designed for students with no more than a year of previous instruction. The "intermediate" wind ensemble is designed for the student with a minimum of one year instruction on his/her instrument. Offering instruction in brass, woodwinds and percussion in a fun, relaxed environment. Opportunities to work with both Catawba College departmental and Community Music faculty and Catawba music students. Repertoire includes a variety of musical styles from traditional pieces, contemporary popular pieces to film music. Beginner Youth Wind Ensemble meets Monday 3:30-4:30; Intermediate Youth Wind Ensemble meets Monday 4:45-5:45. (15-week semester). Instructors: Dr. Steve Etters, Debbie Koontz.

Classes and lessons begin the week of September 8, 2008. Please call the Catawba College Community Music Office at (704) 637-4345 or (704) 637-4106 or visit to register online or by mail or for more information about our program.








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