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Exploring Eurydice: Feb. 23-27

February 16, 2016

Category: Academics, Events, Students, Theatre Arts

Arnold Blohme and Peyton Glendenning in Eurydice
(Photo: Larissa Garcia '18)

by Katelyn Long '17

"Experimentation in Form" is the overarching theme for the 2015-2016 Season at Catawba College Theatre. The upcoming production of Sarah Ruhl's Eurydice, fits perfectly with its modernized perspective on the ancient myth of Orpheus. Spring boarding off the material generated in last semester's collaboration class through the Tectonic Theatre Project's Moment Work technique, director Beth Homan and her crew are working together to create a uniquely devised, composition. Eurydice is a timeless exploration of the different colors of love and grief, relatable to each audience members' personal journey.

In light of our upcoming show, Peyton Glendinning (playing Eurydice) shares her thoughts on the process.

"We hit the ground running, and are tearing through blocking so that we can get into the "meat" of the material. There are aspects of my character that I see in myself, but I have mostly been drawing bits and pieces from other women in my life. Beth is adamant about staying true to my age. I see glimmers of Eurydice in my friends, especially some of my best friends. I pull characteristics and ticks from the people around me to help really put her together. The playwright, Sarah Ruhl, has constructed a character that is so complex, yet so simple. My favorite aspect of her is probably the genuine curiosity she has for people. She is searching for her place and constantly questioning the world around her."

Eurydice cast members include: Peyton Glendinning of Panama City Beach, FL as Eurydice; Arnold Blohme of Fairhope, AL as Orpheus; Randy Stull of Frederick, MD as Father; Chaz Cable of Weaverville, NC as Nasty Interesting Man; Madeline Claire Auchter of Houston, TX as Big Stone; Sammi Myers of Miami, FL as Little Stone; and Collette Simkins of Baltimore, MD as Loud Stone. Student designers include Lucas Barrick of Hillsborough, NC (Sound designer), Larissa Garcia of San Diego, CA (assistant director), and Lauren Stacks of Winston-Salem, NC (assistant scenic designer).

Please come out and join us for this breathtaking collaboration full of art and passion. Eurydice will run from February 23 through February 27 at 7:30pm in Hedrick Little Theatre. For tickets, please call the box office at (704)-637-4481 or purchase online at


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