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FACULTY BLOG: Witnessing Inaugural Preps and Gathering in D.C. - Part II: Monday

January 22, 2009

Category: Faculty, Sociology

EastisMonday, January 19th
by Dr. Carla Eastis, Assistant Professor of Sociology


I have a leisurely morning with my friend and don't get to the Metro station till 11 a.m. The train is full — some people are standing — but not crowded. I get off at the Smithsonian station and ride the escalator to the surface. I hardly recognize this as the same place I was just 3 weeks ago on vacation! 


As far as I can see in either direction, towards the Capitol and back towards the Washington Monument, there are all kinds of structures up that aren't usually there — fencing between the sidewalks and the grassy middle of the Mall, the longest lines of port-a-potties I've ever seen, Jumbotron screens, speaker towers, AND temporary broadcasting set-ups for every network and cable news channel.  Read more...



BLOG: Witnessing Inaugural Preps and Gathering in D.C. 

PhotosPHOTOS: Inaugural Preps and Gathering



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