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Green Pig Initiatives Continue on Campus

October 1, 2009

Category: Environmental Science, Events, Students

BowlingBowling for Bottles, Another Green Pig Initiative at Catawba College
It was Bowling for Plastic Bottles and dozens of students turned out on Stanback Plaza around midday on October 1st to try their hand at a strike.

The event, a Green Pig Initiative offered by student organization E.C.O. (Environment Catawba Outreach), was staged to mark the Oct. 1st statewide ban on plastic bottles in landfills. New state regulations require that plastic bottles be segregated from regular bagged garbage generated by households and businesses so that they may be recycled.

BowlingStudents passing by on their way to lunch in the Cannon Student Center stopped to Bowl for Bottles. The pins were empty plastic water and soda bottles and the bowling balls were small soccer balls. Students tried to bowl down the bottles which were arranged in the traditional 10-pin setting. Each participant received a prize — a small brown paper bag filled with different green-colored candy.

The green candy was yet another tie-in to the Green Pig conservation campaign which continues on campus since it launch at the beginning of the academic year. The Green Pig is a symbol of Catawba's commitment to the environment and serves as a visual reminder to students, faculty and staff that by saving natural resources you can turn a pig green.



Brita Pitcher GiveawaySix Catawba Students Win during Green Pig Initiative
More than 100 Catawba College students, faculty and staff put their names in a hat for a chance to win a Brita water pitcher and six winners were chosen. The giveaway was another Green Pig Initiative for the campus and was designed to heighten awareness to an Oct. 1st statewide ban on plastic bottles being disposed in landfills.

Plastic bottles now will have to be recycled and cannot be included in regular household or bagged garbage. The spirit of the ban, state officials say, is to make people make a better effort to recycle and penalties will be levied against individuals and businesses for non-compliance with the disposal ban. The Brita pitchers filter out and reduce chlorine and sediment, eliminate 99% of lead, reduce copper, mercury and cadmium in normal tap water and could easily eliminate an individual's need for a plastic bottle of water  

Green Pig ButtonsGreen Pig is a campus wide conservation campaign which was launched at the College during Opening Convocation for fall semester. The Green Pig is a new symbol of the college's commitment to the environment and serves as a visual reminder to students, faculty and staff that by saving natural resources (i.e. turning off lights when leaving a room, shutting down the computer when leaving the office or recycling) the pig can turn green (hence Green Pig).


Brita Pitcher Giveaway
Brita Pitcher Giveaway
Winners of the Brita water pitchers include from the day program: Brittany Harrigan of Ruscom, Ontario; Khourtni Hester of Waldorf, Md.; and Sarah Robinson of Cartersville, Va.; and from the School of Evening and Graduate Studies: Andrea Adams of Mooresville; Deannia McCauley of Spencer; and Phillip Smith of Rockwell. Renita Peeler of Granite Quarry, an adjunct faculty member in the English Department, was also a winner.


VideoVIDEO: The Green Pig at Catawba 







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