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Jan. 13th Is Deadline to Apply to Attend Catawba College During Spring Semester

December 18, 2013

Category: Academics

If you're a college student and not happy at your current institution, you have until Jan. 13th to apply to attend Catawba College during the spring semester. Local high school juniors and seniors can also apply before this date to take free college level courses at Catawba. Catawba's Joint Enrollment option allows high school students to try Catawba on for size and gives them a chance to enter Catawba or another higher education institution with college credit.

Spring semester classes at Catawba begin January 14th, allowing both transfer students and high school juniors and seniors to prepare their application materials over the holiday break. Qualified transfer students may be eligible for scholarships and may submit their application online at

Qualified high school juniors and seniors, including those in Early College programs, as well as home-schooled students, can take one course tuition-free each Fall and Spring at Catawba. This means a high school junior could take up to four college-level courses tuition-free incurring only expenses for textbooks and parking, if needed. A written recommendation from a guidance counselor, an official high school transcript and at least one set of standardized test scores (either SAT or ACT) are required of all Joint Enrollment applicants. To apply online, visit

Credit earned in the Joint Enrollment program will be counted toward hours needed for graduation at Catawba. Some of these earned course credits may transfer to other colleges and universities, but that is at the discretion of those institutions.

"We welcome transfer and joint enrollment students to our campus community. What we offer and have a reputation for providing is personal attention, strong interaction between faculty and students and opportunities for collaborative learning," said Catawba's Vice President of Enrollment Lois Williams. "Joint Enrollment students also get to see if Catawba is a good fit for them as they consider what to do after their high school graduation. We know that often students who experience Catawba enroll at Catawba."


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