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Make a Club P-E-R-F-E-C-T

December 4, 2012

Category: Students

;By Raven Canty ’13 of Seagrove, N.C.;;

For many seniors in college, their last year is pretty easy but for some that like to add a little more in the place of where they have nothing to do. I was one of those who added more, one being the president/ leader some clubs. And running a club can be very complicated between running meeting to setting up an event.

Now that I have been leading for some time I have started to lead by some simple standards:;;

  • Always make list about EVERYTHING;
  • Talk to the people in your club and take their information into consideration ;
  • Organization all your thoughts ;;
  • Delegate to the people around you;;
  • Always be a step ahead of everyone else ;;
  • Think and plan for the unexpected ;;
  • Have good marketing and PR;;
  • No last minute details/planning;;
  • Don’t stress;
  • Be punctual;;
  • Good time management;
  • Above all have FUN!;;

If you are able to do all these things and more, your club will be the best it can be. In addition, others will always remember theEvents your club has done.;



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