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Professor of Biology Discusses Natural Treasure in Stokes County

January 3, 2012

Category: Biology, Faculty

Flat RockMichael Baranski, professor of biology at Catawba College, recently spoke to the Winston-Salem Journal about "Flat Rock" in Stokes County. The rock formation is made up of a mass of granite that is 300 feet long and is one of only two found in the northern part of the Piedmont.

"Soils are hard to form on it, and it is very, very dry," says Baranski.  "What has happened over time is that evolution has provided for a whole suite of plants that are able to thrive in that area. These localized plants are able to make it there."

Flat rock areas haven't been historically viewed as valuable in themselves, Baranski said. They've often ended up being places to dump trash or have been quarried away. Read more...


NewsFULL STORY: Flat Rock 'Not a Run-of-the-Mill Place'   (Winston-Salem Journal)



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