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STUDENT BLOG: Family Weekend ... BOO YAH!! (A Day in the Life of Theatre Majors)

September 21, 2012

Category: Events, Students, Theatre Arts

Photoby Leanna Hicks '16 ;

Theatre this and theatre that, that's all you've read in my blogs so far but this one is not going to be about that. "What?! But Leanna, that's all you talk about! What else is there in life but theatre??" Family Weekend! The time has come for the folks to come check up on us and I am so ecstatic!


During my final days at home before leaving for Catawba, I kept thinking "wow, I'm really going to miss my mom, sister, cat and just the whole family." I brought up my mom in my last blog post but I didn't express how, my mom and sister, they are my best friends. "What? Your mother and sister are your (make shocked face) best friends?" Yes they are and no, the world is not coming to an end we really are that close. Not having them around has been really hard at times especially when there's news to tell whether it be about an awesome grade, a role in a play (chill out, I put something about theatre in there I know you were waiting for it) or anything else exciting going on. Read more...


BlogBLOG: A Day in the Life of Theatre Majors 

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