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STUDENT BLOG: Improvisation (Don't Worry, Be Happy: McFerrin's Workshop)

September 12, 2011

Category: Academics, Music, Students


by  Allijah Motika '14 ;

In our morning session today we learned about melody and more specifically eastern styles of music and melody. We worked with modes and quarter tones (half flats) and experimented with those augmented/diminished notes. It's incredibly strange to try and train your ear to hear those intervals and sing them back. Very cool stuff!

Earlier today in a session with Judi Donaghy we learned two exercises that she calls the "Bobby's." They are exercises to help with singing large jumps. I hope to share them with professor Bartz when I get back; they're really helpful for staying in tune. I am still not being able to sing very much, my throat hurts a lot from being sick but I'm still being able to learn lots of good stuff here.

The rest of today was amazing. We did a small group session with Rhiannon who is an amazingly inspiring member of the faculty. The thing that I loved about this small group session is that she led us in exercises that helped to create improvisation (watch my improvisation video). I had been missing that tactile direction for improvisation so far in the workshop. Read more...


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