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STUDENT BLOG: Interning at the Canadian Embassy - Another Busy Week in Washington!

June 22, 2009

Category: Academics, Athletics, Politics, Students

Cyle Petersen

Another Busy Week in Washington!
by  Cyle Petersen  '10

After a much needed weekend off, Monday morning had come around again. It's always nice to have a few days off but I actually look forward to going to my internship every morning. The people are all so nice and laid back so it makes it fun to work there. I didn't have any work leftover from the previous week and my bosses were all pretty busy taking care of their overloaded e-mail accounts so I didn't do a whole lot of important Canadian Embassy stuff, but with a midterm looming on Wednesday night, I was not complaining. I got to study quite a bit at work so I felt a little better about my preparation for the test since there is such minimal extra time otherwise to hit the books. I guess the highlight of the day would have to have been getting to meet one of the three Ministers in the Canadian Embassy. The Ministers are the officials that are right below the Ambassador in the chain of command. When I sit and think about the people I am seeing and meeting, it feels pretty ironic because only a few weeks ago I was sitting at home across the continent seeing some of these very same people on TV. Well, I didn't have much time for daydreaming about what I had seen on TV a week or two prior because I had to dart back to Georgetown to get to my 3-hour class. It seems pretty funny that my most relaxing part of the day is being able to just stand (or sit if very lucky) on the Metro without having to do too much of anything. Sometimes this isn't even possible because I have to use my travel time to do my reading for class. Ay ay ay.    



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