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STUDENT BLOG: Interning at the Canadian Embassy - Hello from Washington DC

June 15, 2009

Category: Academics, Athletics, Politics, Students

Cyle Petersen

Hello from Washington DC
by  Cyle Petersen  '10

I've now been in the nation's capital for exactly one week. It seems like I have experienced a year's worth of sightseeing, local culture, and the like already with very minimal rest time to even reflect on it. So here goes...

The journey started last Friday as I made me trek to the airport and ended Saturday afternoon in the airport here in Washington after I waited for 3 extra hours to get my lost luggage. That wasn't exactly the welcome I was hoping for after being awake for almost 2 days straight, but my luck has definitely changed since then! I got to the beautiful, historic campus at Georgetown University during the check-in hours and couldn't have been more relieved to plop down all my luggage in my apartment and just relax ... for a few minutes. My roommates gradually showed up and we all got to know each other before we had orientation with The Fund for American Studies in the evening. I'm glad I got to know my roommates at least before the evening's festivities because altogether there are almost 400 of us in the program, all interning at different organizations or corporations around Washington and going to classes and lectures at night to top it off! Read more...

About Cyle
Cyle will be enrolled in the Englatchiff Institute for Comparative Political and Economic Systems and will be interning full-time at the Canadian Embassy in Washington D.C. He will be receiving full credit for his coursework and internship and wants to share his unique experience with the rest of the Catawba community over the summer through  blog postings.  



PhotosBLOG:  Internship at the Canadian Embassy ;



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