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STUDENT BLOG: Interning at the Canadian Embassy - Part 2 of My 8 Week Program

July 13, 2009

Category: Academics, Athletics, Politics, Students

Cyle Petersen

Part 2 of My 8 Week Program
by Cyle Petersen '10


Monday morning seemed a bit odd because I hadn't gotten up early to go to work since the previous Tuesday, which preceded my 5-day weekend that included Canada Day and the 4th of July!  Nonetheless, it was back to the grind for another week.


My fellow intern from the Congressional and Legal Affairs Department at the Embassy wasn't coming in until Tuesday since she went home to Ontario for the long weekend, so I had to hold down the fort for the day. Unsurprisingly, I was swamped with clerical work for the day since I was forced to handle the other intern's small assignments as well. I guess I can't complain because she covers me every Friday since I have class in the morning and don't go into work at all. The day actually flew by because I was so busy, even though it may not have been the most interesting work. Monday was the typical "intern" day. It was okay though because Monday night was the first day of my new class!  If you can't tell I was being sarcastic.



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