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STUDENT BLOG: Interning at the Canadian Embassy - A Week of Festivities

July 6, 2009

Category: Academics, Athletics, Politics, Students

Cyle Petersen

A Week of Festivities
by Cyle Petersen '10

This week definitely would have to take home the prize for most fun so far. With two different national holiday celebrations in the same week, the celebrations were to be expected. Although there were many parties and celebrations, I did have to get through Wednesday night before the fun could begin.

Monday morning started with a briefing at the Federal Reserve. It was pretty interesting and we sat in the actual Board of Governors room and I sat in Chairman, Ben Bernanke's chair. I really wasn't expecting to be guided into the actual room where Fed policy is made, so it was pretty surreal. From there, I proceeded to salvage the rest of the day at work at the Embassy. This week was pretty slow at work because Congress is in recess for the 4th of July so there wasn't much for us interns to cover on The Hill. I did manage to stay busy updating the Congressional database with meetings held and letters sent between members of Congress and Canadian diplomats around the country. I left work right around 5 to get home for my LAST Comparative Economic Systems class. Yay! Since I knew I wouldn't get much studying for the final, I studied quite a bit after our class with my friends across the hall — boring but much needed...



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