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STUDENT BLOG: So Many Options to Choose from... (A Day in the Life of Theatre Majors)

November 14, 2012

Category: Academics, Students, Theatre Arts

So Many Options to Choose from...
by Leanna Hicks '16


"Previously on 'As Catawba Turns,' Leanna had just finished her run of the show Charlotte's Web and didn't know what she was going to do with her nights after all her homework was done, what will she do now?!"

...oh come on, y'all know me well enough by now to know I have to start the blog off with something dramatic. So what am I involved in now you ask? Well calm down, I'll tell you. I am in what is called a 10-minute scene where students in Directing 1, a class Catawba Theatre offers, have to pick a short play, cast it, block it, and well direct it!I was so excited when I saw that I got cast in one because these scenes are the student's final grade for the semester, so a lot is thought into whom they cast because this is a big grade ... no pressure or anything right? Read more...


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