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STUDENT BLOG: Study Abroad in Spain - Hola mis amigos!

July 6, 2010

Category: Academics, Business & Economics, Communication Arts, Students


Hola mis amigos! 
by Stephanie Cook  '12 ;

Greetings from the John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City! I am sitting in the gate with my fellow Catawba classmates waiting to board our plane at 11:20 PM. It is only 8:30 PM right now so we have a few hours to kill. Even though we have had to wait for a while, we were fortunate to have seen Beyonce and Jay-Z walk by us! When my friend Mary Alice pointed them out to me, I quickly ran closer to the couple to see if it was indeed the two celebrities. It was! Both were well dressed and only had one bodyguard protecting them, which was quite surprising. I wanted to go and introduce myself, but I figured I would hold back the temptation to do so. Millions of people have probably tried to introduce themselves to the two stars, and I doubt they would want another person doing the same. It was just cool to at least see them and be close in distance to them! Read more...

About Stephanie
Cook, fraternal twin and daughter of Wyatt and Sheryl Cook, is a rising junior at Catawba College. The Milton, Georgia native will be spending four weeks taking classes and studying Spanish in Madrid's Ciudad Universitaria through the Forspro study abroad program. She will be accompanied by groups of students from different colleges and universities all across the United States as well as a group of her peers from Catawba. Read more...


BlogBLOG: Study Abroad in Spain




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