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STUDENT BLOG: Study Abroad in Spain - VIVA ESPANA!

July 13, 2010

Category: Academics, Business & Economics, Communication Arts, Students


by Stephanie Cook '12 ;

Hello everyone! Just got back from Barcelona a few hours ago. I thought Madrid was a really cool place, but after my excursion to the coast, I learned Barcelona is an even more fun and exciting place to visit!

The city is absolutely gorgeous and filled with lots of history and BEAUTIFUL architecture. As we arrived in the city, it was obvious to see that there were Catalonian flags hanging from porches and windows from many of the apartments and stores. The Catalonian language is a mixture of Spanish and French and a different culture completely. These people have a lot of pride being a part this culture; they do not consider themselves Spanish and want to establish their own nation that is separated from the rest of Spain. A huge protest was happening the first day we were in the city for this exact same reason. It was exciting but a bit scary at the same time! There were people everywhere holding the flags while screaming in the streets. While walking around, I made sure I stayed close to the group and did not get separated from them because I would not be able to find them if I did. I want to give major respect and a big thank you to my new buddy Greg from Catawba who successfully guided us throughout the city. We would have probably gotten lost if he was not there. Read more...


BlogBLOG: Study Abroad in Spain



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