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STUDENT BLOG: Twins on Tour - Day 4 (Alexandria, VA to Washington, D.C.)

February 5, 2010

Category: Music, Students, Theatre Arts

McRae ;

Day 4: Alexandria, VA to Washington, D.C
by Quinn McRae '12

For being on a Therma-Rest® on the floor, I slept great. Mollie Landers, Catawba grad and seminary student lent her house to seven of us. There was enough room for us to be comfortable and I really didn't mind the floor because it meant I could put my feet closer to the fireplace. Also, this house was literally 20 steps away from the church where we performed. Convenient. And bless her heart, she got up in the morning and bought freshly-made bagels for us. After last night's concert at Rock Spring Congregational United Church of Christ, a gentleman said, "Your choir has just provided me the most pleasurable hour and a half of my life."  He was 90 years old and was himself a collegiate musician. Rock Spring also had us join them for their 11 o'clock morning service and I must say it was refreshing to not be the stars of the show, but just to be helping others praise Him, the inspiration for most of our music. Read more...



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