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Students Share Their Work at Catawba’s 2015 Research and Creativity Showcase

April 10, 2015

Category: Academics, Biology, Chemistry, English, Events, Mathematics, Psychology, Sport & Health Sciences, Students

crcs15bg.jpgYou might call it campus tradition and this year it occurred again at Catawba College. Students from different academic disciplines came together for two hours on Thursday, April 9, to present the results of their research or practicum experiences at the annual Catawba Research and Creativity Showcase.

There were 27 poster presentations displayed in the Leonard Lounge of the Cannon Student Center – more than enough to draw a crowd of faculty, staff and students.

As usual, Catawba faculty members served as research advisors, and in some cases, co-authors, of the presentations. Academic areas represented included Athletic Training, Biology, Business and Economics: Marketing, Chemistry, English, the Honors Program, Mathematics, and Psychology.

Following is a list of poster presentations that were displayed, along with the names of those students and faculty members who were involved in the research for them [view the actual presentations here]:




Athletic Training
Morgan Brann The Effect Kinesio Tape Has On The Valgus Dip In Female Athletes Dr. Jim Hand
DeAnna Hedgepeth An Investigation Into The Performance Enhancing Effects Of Gatorade Prime vs Perform Dr. Jim Hand
Kersten Nagy Blood Sugar And Mental Acuity In Collegiate Athletes Dr. Jim Hand
Angelica Pawlowski The Impact Of Cleat Design On Lower Body Soccer Injuries Dr. Jim Hand
Chelsea Sorensen An Investigation Into The Correlation Of The Different Phases Of Menses And Acute Injuries Of Female Athletes Dr. Jim Hand
Allison Baucom Raspberries: Harvest To Health; comparison Of Soluble Sugar Content, pH, Anthocyanin, And Phenolic Content In Red, Yellow, And Black Raspberries Dr. Penny Perkins-Veazie
Christopher Bolick & Dr. Jay F. Bolin Hybrid Intermediacy In Ashe's Sumac (Rhus Ashei) A Hybrid Of The Federally Endangered Michaux's Sumac (Rhus Michauxii) And Common Smooth Sumac (Rhus Glabra) Dr. Jay F. Bolin
Elizabeth Brown, Joshua York, Hugh Smith, Bruce Harrison, Dr. Carmony Hartwig Morphological and Molecular Identification of Mosquito Diversity In The Fred Stanback Jr. Ecological Preserve at Catawba College, Salisbury, North Carolina Dr. Carmony Hartwig
Sophia Centeno Effects Of CO2 On Metabolic Rate Of Favia Fragum Dr. Constance Lowery
Logan Ellis, K.R. Carrol, K.C. Filippino, P.W. Bernhardt, M.R. Mulholland The Impacts of Storms on Phytoplankton Growth And Productivity K.C. Filippino, M.R. Mulholland Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Jay Bolin
Paul Frye The Effects Of Increased Levels Of CO2 On Photosynthesis And Respiration Of Favia Fragum Dr. Constance Lowery
Kyle Henderson Non-lethal Predator Avoidance By Aquatic Beetles To The Red Swamp Crayfish (Procambarus Clarkii) Dr. Jay F. Bolin
Taylor Spillman & Finn Furstenwerth Isotopic Investigation Of Mycoheterotrophy In The Southern Blue Thread (Burmannia Capitata) Dr. Jay F. Bolin
Joshua York, Elizabeth Brown, Hugh Smith, Dr. Carmony Hartwig, Bruce Harrison Disease Vector Status Of Mosquito Species From The Fred Stanback Jr. Ecological Preserve At Catawba College, Salisbury, North Carolina Dr. Carmony Hartwig
Business And Economics: Marketing
Jacob Breig A Customer Segmentation Study On members Of A Nonprofit Professional Organization: A RFM Model Analysis Dr. Phillip Frank
Christian Krzykwa Comparison Of Ferric Reducing Antioxidant Potential (FRAP) And Copper (II) Reducing Antioxidant Capacity (CUPRAC) Assays In Orange Juices Dr. Socrates Canete
Amber Williamson & Susan Ethridge HPLC Method Development For Caffeine Analysis With Chlorella Vulgaris As A Bioremediation Agent For Aquatic Systems Dr. Carol Ann Miderski
Kenneth Hipp Factors Affecting The Product Distribution Of Substitution And Elimination Reactions: An Experiment For An Undergraduate Organic Lab Dr. Richard Macri
Fernando Guerrero Catawba College Chemistry: The Fuel That Will Stand The Test Of Time Dr. Carol Ann Miderski & Dr. Richard Macri
Darby Reedy "We Win And Lose Together": NASCAR Fan Identification And Its Implication For Sponsorship Dr. Stahr
Andrew McCollister A Fish Flew Out Of The Water Dr. Anderson, Dr. Vandergriff-Avery, Dr. Schroeder
Honors Program
Donovan James The Pursuit Of Happiness: An Analysis Of Maritime Piracy In The Golden Age And Now Dr. Gary Freeze
Katherine Quijada, Philip A. May and Julie Hasken A Comparison Of Drinking Patterns And Other maternal Risk Factors For Fetal AlcoholXpectrum Disorders Among Women In The Western Cape Province Of South Africa Philip A. May and Julie Hasken
Ekaterina Kruglov, Ellen Stout and Erich Guebert The Influence Of Ego Depletion On Self-Enhancement Strategies Dr. Sheila Brownlow
Jessica Gibson, Grace Tworek, Madelin Contreraz Judgements Of Research Quality From Language Style Used In Scientific Writing Dr. Sheila Brownlow
Katherine Sims Existential Therapy In Psycho-Oncology: A Review Of The Literature On Meaning-Making As A Therapeutic Technique For Cancer Patients Dr. Sheila Brownlow
Kathleen Burris, Katherine Lins Does Fitness Priming Influence Judgements Of Self- And Other Physical And Psychological Characteristics? Dr. Sheila Brownlow

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