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Students Sip and Critique New Products in McCorkle's

October 2, 2013

Category: Students

Story and Photos by LaTia Bostick '14

Members of the Catawba College community were treated to a newly renovated snack bar and grill when they returned to campus this fall. The space, in the Cannon Student Center, was renovated and renamed McCorkle's and Starbucks products were offered there.

A few Catawba students shared their opinions on the renovations and the new product offerings.Dizon

Twenty-year-old senior and Exercise Science major, Taryn Jenkins, had some great things to say about the changes, including Starbucks products being offered on campus. She loves the pastries and the delicious coffee products now being served. She does feel that Catawba administrators made a wonderful and wise decision about the space renovations and new product offerings because  now students have the opportunity of stopping by in the mornings before classes for a nice cup of warm or cold coffee.Smith

Rona-Lyn Dizon, an 18-year-old freshman and Musical Theater major, also loves the new offerings, but wishes there was a bit more of variety offered. Much like Taryn Jenkins, Rona-Lyn agrees believes it was a wise decision to add the Starbucks because if she is ever in the mood for a coffee or latte, it is convenient.

Quashona Smith, a 21-year-old senior and Popular Music/Music Business major, loves the Starbucks Frappes offered at McCorkle's. She also likes the new furniture in the McCorkle's space.

Campbell Kayce Kimrey, 22, a senior Accounting major, does not drink coffee, but says she enjoys the pastries offered at McCorkle's.

JacksonThere were some students who were not in favor of the McCorkle's renovation and the addition of Starbucks products. Twenty-one-year-old Whitney Campbell, a senior Exercise Science major said that she tried the Smoothies at McCorkle's and said that they were way too watery.

Twenty-four-year-old Ashley Jackson, a senior Theatre Arts major, hails from Starbucks' home state, Washington. She does not care too much for this type of Starbucks offering, noting it does not meet up to its expectations as a normal Starbucks retail outlet would.


InfoCatawba College Students to Drink Starbucks' Products on Campus


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