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Teachers in Flight Reunite for Launch

August 6, 2007

Category: Faculty, Teacher Education

By Jennifer Moxley, Salisbury Post

Two decades after the space shuttle Challenger explosion, teachers selected across the country for the space program will reunite and watch a fellow educator embark on a space mission.

Christa McAuliffe was selected over 114 other finalists in 1985 to be the first teacher in space. But the Challenger was never able to complete its mission. Now, another teacher will make the journey.

"When the challenger exploded, it was so devastating to us because we were a part of the program," said Cyndi Osterhus, a Teachers in Flight finalist.

OsterhusThe Rowan County educator was in the space program with McAulifee, but after the explosion, President Ronald Reagan's Teacher in Space program was cancelled.

The Teachers in Flight program was ended, but Tuesday it will begin again. Tuesday, Barbara Morgan will be aboard the shuttle Endeavor when it launches Tuesday. The other members of the Teachers in Space program will be watching.

"It brings personal closure and then it brings continuation of the program and that's why this reunion and being there is so important," said Osterhus. "I do believe that the perspective of an educator is going to bring something back to the American public."





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