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There’s Moo in Store for This 2016 Catawba College Graduate

October 2, 2017

Category: Academics, Alumni, Biology, Chemistry

baucom1.jpgIt’s been a herd of a year for 2016 Catawba College alumna Allison Baucom.  Baucom has just completed her first year of Veterinary school at North Carolina State University where she has used her skills gained at Catawba to propel her into a rigorous course load to achieve her dreams of becoming a Veterinarian.

As a biology major and chemistry minor at Catawba, Baucom was also a student athlete, playing on the Women’s Soccer team and Cheerleading squad.  She credits her involvements at Catawba as one of the reasons she has been able to succeed so well in vet school.

“Being a student athlete at Catawba also really fine-tuned my time management skills.  It was a challenge in itself to balance soccer and cheerleading while being a biology major and working, but vet school really tested that skill.” 

Baucom knew from the beginning that in order to achieve her dream she would need to put the hours in outside of the classroom too.  During her four years, she worked at Salisbury Animal Hospital to accrue hours in experience.  This experience transpired in a unique way: “At the end of orientation, N.C. State does something many vet schools wait to do; we receive our white coats as a symbol of welcome into the veterinary professional community,” she explained.  “I had my boss and mentor from Salisbury Animal Hospital present my white coat to me.” 

baucom3.jpgDuring her first year in vet school, Baucom has had the opportunity to not only join several clubs such as Animal Behavior Club, Surgery Club, but had the opportunity over Christmas Break to immerse herself in the opportunities provided by the Bovine Club.

“Over Christmas break I went on an annual trip the Bovine Club organizes called “Cowabunga.”  We went to Colorado and Nebraska to several dairy farms, feedlots, and other farms to see how different the production of animal medicine is in those areas of the country.  While there, I was exposed to 6000 head herds of cows and major production operations.”

So what advice does Baucom offer to those who want to know what Catawba can offer students interested in the Sciences?

“If you look early, you can start working towards your goals early on and make yourself a stronger candidate by allowing yourself different opportunities for experience.”

And finally, Baucom adds, “Attending Catawba makes you stand out among other people and often gives you something to talk about.  Eighty-five percent of my vet school class had never heard of Catawba, and only two other people aside from myself in the history of Catawba have been accepted to NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine, but I truly believe it made me stand out as an applicant!”

As fall 2017 begins, Baucom heads into her second year of vet school, prepared for the work load and opportunities that lie ahead.

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