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To Bring a Car or Not To

This is a biggie. Having a car on campus is very important to some students. Everyone's family circumstances differ. If you are exploring the possibility of your student having a car on campus, consider the following pros and cons:


  • Increases student's ability to get to an off-campus job or internship
  • Student is able to travel home more frequently and easily
  • Going into town to buy supplies or groceries is less of a hassle
  • Student can get away from campus to study or take a break
  • Opportunities to get involved in the community become more accessible


  • The availability of parking
  • Cost of gas remains high
  • Student may travel home too frequently and lose out on campus experiences
  • Costs associated with car upkeep, including oil changes and maintenance, can eat into student's meager funds
  • College students are considered "higher risk" drivers, therefore insurance rates may increase and strict regulations may be placed on them as drivers
  • Students with cars are often pressured by students who don't have cars to drive them places or loan out their car

If the possibility exists for your student to have a car on campus, consider this pro and con list carefully. Many, many students go through their college years without a car on campus. Not having access to a car can help them learn to solve problems creatively and to explore public transportation in ways they never would have otherwise.

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