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Flexibility: An Important Tool

How can flexibility help in your relationship with your student?

It Helps You See Her Choices. Rather than imposing your choices, being flexible and taking note of what your student chooses can help you learn more about her. This might involve something as small as choosing a comforter or something bigger, such as registering for a class that interests her greatly.

It Communicates Trust. Being flexible enough to let your student makes these choices communicates a certain level of trust that can be invaluable.

It Lets Students Learn from Mistakes & Successes. Although it can be hard to watch your student stumble, it's important that he have the opportunity to learn from his missteps. Being flexible allows this type of learning to happen.

It Can Help You See Things Through a Different Filter. When we display flexibility—of thought and action—it can really open us to some different experiences, too. For instance, if your student is arguing a certain point, being flexible enough to look at it from her perspective can be very enlightening.

Flexibility is an important tool as you continue developing an adult relationship with your student. When both people bend a bit, it can form a stronger bond of trust and mutual respect.

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