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Getting into Healthy Habits for the Year Ahead

Summer is a good time to get into training for the year ahead. By practicing healthy habits now, your student will be ready to hit campus in the fall with increased energy and gusto!

Some simple ways to do that include:

Establishing Smart Sleep Patterns. This involves trying to go to bed and get up at about the same time each day, while also striving for 6-8 quality hours of sleep. Plus, it's smart to create a before-bed ritual, such as reading, turning off the computer/TV an hour before bed or taking a shower.

Striving for Five. Consciously trying to eat at least five servings of fruit and vegetables per day during the summer will make it more of a habit once the school year kicks in. Consider posting a simple chart on your fridge with information from the website to make this easier.

Moving Around. Identifying an activity or two, from walking to Wii Fit, can help make the moving around habit more of a reality. Maybe you and your student can share an activity or at least do your separate things at the same time, as a way to support one another.

Learning to Relax. This is a big one, as campus life can get very stressful. Some people turn to yoga and meditation as a means of relaxation, while others simply learn to breathe more intentionally. Knowing your stress triggers is a good place to start, so you can figure what helps you calm down and get on with your day.

Instead of telling your student what to do when it comes to developing healthy habits, work with him so you can both identify two to three healthy goals you'd like to meet this summer. By doing this yourself, you're not only supporting your student, you're also doing yourself a favor and serving as a positive role model!

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