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Getting to Know Campus

If you and your student are new to campus, there are some easy things you can do from afar to help you feel connected. For instance...

Print Out a Campus Map. Having an easy-to-navigate campus map posted on your fridge keeps it present. Take a look regularly to see where buildings are in relation to one another, to check out the residence halls and to get a feel for what is east/west/south and north. That way, when you step foot on campus, you'll feel like you have your bearings.

Click Around. The campus website offers a wealth of information! One night, explore the various student services and what their pages provide. Then, click around the academic sector for class listings, faculty profiles and advising resources. Spend time learning more about athletics, campus safety, residence life, student organizations, wellness programs, special services and so much more. The words and photos can help transport you into the heart of campus.

Keep Printed Materials Present. Stash any brochures, view books and other materials in a folder or a binder. Then, keep that resource on the living room coffee table, in the dining room or on a handy shelf where it'll be browsed regularly.

Tap Into Alumni Info. An interesting way to tune into campus is to see what alumni have to say and what they're doing with their "after campus lives." So, grab an alumni publication and check out the website for a taste of what former students are all about.

Of course, stepping foot on campus and talking face-to-face with folks while experiencing the life of our school is one of the best ways to connect. We look forward to seeing you!

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