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Learning: A Lifelong Pursuit

Learning: A Lifelong Pursuit

College is a Great Place to Start the Process Being a learner isn't just reserved for the college years, but it sure is a great time to develop the philosophy of learning for the love of learning. Becoming a lifelong learner is something that can enrich a person's life, adding an element of curiosity and awe to everyday happenings.

So, how can your student make the most of her learning opportunities on campus while also developing lifelong learning skills? Encourage her to:

  1. Choose group projects or papers that are topics she'd like to spend some time with — if she's going to be spending this much research and writing time, it may as well be with something that she finds interesting.
  2. Pick a class that's outside the realm of what she'd normally study — she may find a new interest!
  3. Focus on learning outside of the classroom, too — get involved with campus organizations, from an intramurals team to the biology club to the school radio station to see how she can learn in non-classroom settings as well.
  4. Talk with people who are different from her — a conversation over coffee with someone whose culture is different from hers can be incredibly eye-opening and fascinating!
  5. Attend a campus event, lecture or workshop that she's curious about — it'll likely always feel like she "should" be doing something else, yet taking an hour or two to go experience something new can make the world bigger while helping her brain expand, too.
  6. Find the learning within her job  — maybe she'll gain a better understanding of what good/bad people management looks like after experiencing it or she'll have an opportunity to gain new technological skills… remind her to look for what she's able to learn everywhere!
  7. Talk about what she's learning with family and friends — let her know that it's not unusual to talk about a political or sociological tidbit of information learned in class with her friends over dinner — all she has to do is start off with "Our professor mentioned that…" and she'll soon find herself immersed in great conversation.
  8. Keep up with her readings — she'll be better informed, she'll be practicing her reading-for-comprehension skills and she'll be better able to engage in class discussions since she'll know what she's talking about!
  9. Read the school newspaper — by tasting different media mediums, she'll improve her critical thinking skills while also staying informed.
  10. Talk with faculty and staff about their experiences — there are some uber-smart people on campus with fascinating stories to tell… encourage her to have a good listen.

      All of this adds up to becoming a lifelong learner with a zest for life!

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