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Making the Final Push

Encouraging students through midterms to the finish line

Students are facing midterms and spring break is around the corner. They've almost made it to the halfway point. Whew!

Now comes the trick of pushing themselves forward in order to finish up the year on a high note. There are a few little things you can encourage them to do that can make a BIG difference!

Do a Mind Dump. Your student likely has a million things on her mind, like starting that 30-page paper and figuring out what kind of job she can get for the summer. Instead of letting the list make her dizzy, she can help herself by doing a Mind Dump. It involves grabbing a notebook and jotting down everything on her To Do List. It doesn't have to be orderly — she can do that later. She just needs to capture what's on her mind in order to clear her head, get organized and move forward with the things she needs to accomplish.

Knock Off a Few Lingering Tasks. Once a week, encourage your student to pick a task or responsibility that has been lingering too long on his To Do list and get it done! By picking just one of these things per week, it becomes more doable and he'll feel better about not having them hovering over him constantly.

Plan Some Fun. We all need things to look forward to, whether it's a spring break trip or taking a walk with friends after dinner. So, it's a good idea for your student to plan some fun stuff that breaks up all the "have tos" and "shoulds" on her list.

Step Away from the Computer. It's easy, especially during the midterm push, to spend a lot of time in front of the computer. The eyes sting, the back hurts and sitting all the time stinks! That's why it's important for students to step away from the computer now and then so it doesn't feel like it's running their lives. It'll be okay if your student doesn't check his Facebook page today because he'd rather shoot hoops with some friends. He can return emails tomorrow, once he has eaten a good meal. Writing, researching and studying are important, there's no doubt. Yet, everyone needs to step away from cyberspace now and then to get back into real time.

Stay Connected. Students need to reach out to family and friends regularly in order to feel in touch and in tune. So, encourage your student to take time for campus friends, even if it's studying together or quickly grabbing coffee to catch up. And she should keep up with her community service efforts, too. It's important to stay connected to others to increase well-being and to keep on going.

Take Care of Body & Soul. Students need to eat healthy food on a regular basis and get into some solid sleep patterns. Moving their bodies and heading to the health center if they feel a cold coming on is smart, too. A body that is working well supports a healthy heart and mind.         There are a few intense months left this term and your student can really use your encouragement and support to make it to the finish line.

"Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least."       ~ Johann Von Goethe

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