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Preparing to Have Your Student Home for the Holidays

Part of you may be thrilled to have your student around for the holidays. Yet, it's okay if there's another part of you that is apprehensive. Reuniting with your student during the holiday break is your first chance to spend extensive time together since the summer. And it can be an adjustment!

To help you all manage the transition positively, keep a few things in mind:

Don't Overplan Your Student. You may want to go shopping, visit relatives, bake, golf and go to the movies with your student. Nothing wrong with that! Just be sure to leave some wiggle time for him to spend with friends and to recoup from the semester, too.

Make Commitments Known Ahead of Time. Let your student in on what's been planned so far so that she knows what to expect. That way she'll feel a part of the family while still feeling like her time is her own, too.

Find Out Schedules. Some students stay up until 3 am and sleep until noon. Consider asking your student about her sleeping schedule so you're not expecting her at 9 am every morning!

Talk About "House Rules." Will your student still have a curfew? Can he have friends stay overnight? Talk now so you can come up with the rules together and avoid arguments.

Be Prepared for Change. Some of your student's views may have altered because of things she learned in a class or actions she experienced through a campus organization. It's all part of the college experience as she comes into her own. Change can be good — and, oh, the interesting conversations you're bound to have! Be open to it.

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