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A Safe Spring Break

If your student is traveling somewhere for spring break, you can offer the following reminders to make sure he or she stays safe:

  • Use the buddy system — In a new place, you'll stay safest if you stick together.
  • If you choose to drink, know where your drink is coming from and don't trust strangers — A colorless, odorless liquid "date rape drug" like GHB or Ketamine can be slipped into the drink with ill intent.
  • Don't do anything illegal — The consequences are dire if you get arrested, especially in a foreign country.
  • Protect your eyes and skin — Wear sunscreen, use sunglasses with proper UV protection and also have a hat.
  • Don't go off with people you don't know — Trusting unknown people can end in tragedy.
  • Keep your wits about you — Be smart with your personal safety and your property. Carry your wallet close to your body. Don't get so intoxicated that you make bad decisions and put yourself in dangerous situations. Keep a clear head in order to keep yourself — and your friends — safe.

A safe spring break is very possible, as long as students stay smart!

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