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Research & Creativity.

Opportunities in Research and Creativity for Catawba College Students.

Catawba College students have a wide range of opportunities for research and creativity.

In fact, one of the reasons that Catawba's Impact Funding Awards were established is to support our students' engagement in research and creativity. In fact, of the 2019 graduates surveyed, 62% of them participated in research and creativity activities while at Catawba College.

Vision and Mission

Catawba College Impact-Research & Creativity Program strives to provide all students with a transformative learning and professional development experience that rests on their academic interests.

The mission of the Catawba College Impact-Research & Creativity Program is to introduce and expand students’ understanding of research and creative scholarship as a meaningful component of their education and professional development. The Research & Creativity Program views and supports faculty as an integral facilitator of student development. The Research & Creativity Program is the central Office that tracks student participation, measures results of that participation, and reports outcomes of participation via data and stories.


  • Objective 1: To support departments in providing students access to on- and off- campus research & creative opportunities. 
  • Objective 2: To provide an avenue for students with to apply for resources that support their engagement in research & creative presentations and conferences. 
  • Objective 3: To provide faculty with resources that support their ability to engage students in research and creative scholarly works. 
  • Objective 4: To work with departments to track, measure, and report student participation in Research & Creativity.


  • Goal 1: To maintain 30% student participation in at least one (1) full semester or summer long research or creative project before graduation. 
  • Goal 2: To provide some funding to 100% of students engaged in research & creative projects. 
  • Goal 3: To provide clear and consistent policies and best practices that guide faculty and student engagement in the Catawba College Impact-Research & Creativity Program.