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2020: Presentations

2020 Presentations 

Arts & Sciences

Hard Times: Biases as a Function
of Embodied Cognition

Emily Avalos, Emily Fogleman, Keshon Roman, and Dr. Sheila Brownlow
Use of Cognitive Processes in Language According to Affective Prime

Emily Fogleman, Sophie Hirsch, and Dr. Sheila Brownlow 
"Great job!" Differential "success talk"
about girls and boys in children's stories

Sierra Thompson and Dr. Sheila Brownlow 
Effects of Self-Referencing and Positivity
Kira Harwood,Christina D'Amelio, Jenna Linnick,  and Dr. Sheila Brownlow
BPA toxicity

Claire Featherstone and Dr. Erin Howard 
  Reyes Poster 2020 updated.jpg
Environmental Mercury In Domestic Cats

Dina Reyes and Dr. Joe Poston 
New Thione Complexes of Silver with Potential Anticancer Properties

Mitchell Harris, Dr. Daniel Rabinovich (UNC-Charlotte), and Dr. ChaMarra Saner
  Quiroz_Delfi_gio poster.jpg
Synthesis and Characterization
of Plasmonic Nanoparticles

Giovanni Quiroz-Delfi and Dr. ChaMarra Saner
PRIVATE (Login Required): 
Fungal DNA barcoding and a preliminary checklist of mushrooms  at the Fred Stanback Jr.  Ecological Preserve in the piedmont of North Carolina
Malachi Gray and Dr. Jay Bolin 
PRIVATE (Login Required)
Measuring the initial impacts of the Emerald Ash Borer (Agrilus planipennis) in a Green Ash (Fraxinus pennsylvanica) dominated Piedmont Swamp Forest in Rowan County, NC

Matthew C Rodriguez, Madison Kluge, and Dr. Jay Bolin
PRIVATE (Login Required):
Investigating the Differential Absorption of Miconazole in Yeast Cultures with Various Nanoparticle Solutions

Yeimi Reyna Romero, Giovanni Quiroz Delfi, Nathaniel Robbins, and Dr. Carmony Hartwig
PRIVATE (Login Required):
Eggshell Organizing Factor 1 Protein
in Psorophora ferox Mosquitoes

Austin Snide and Dr. Carmony Hartwig
PRIVATE (Login Required):
Isolating 'Wild' Yeast Strains
from Rowan County, North Carolina

Rachel Coble and Dr. Carmony Hartwig
PRIVATE (Login Required):
Molecular Barcoding of the
Anopheles crucians Complex
Nicole Hall, Robert Morrison, and Dr. Carmony Hartwig
PRIVATE (Login Required):
Investigating the Effects of
JUUL Pod Extracts on
Human Oral Microbiota

Brooke Freeman, Sydney
Goertzen, and Dr. Carmony Hartwig

Health Sciences & Human Performance

Comparing Cognitive Processing Therapy and Prolonged Exposure Therapy for US Veterans with PTSD

Alopi Modi, Kayla Smith, Angela Wright, and Dr. Valerie Rakes 
Effectiveness of Therapy for
Sexually Abused Children

Alisha Childress, Madison Elliott, Kasey Rowden, and Dr. Valerie Rakes
Foster Care vs. Traditional Households: Increased Risk of Mental Illness and Behavioral Issues

Lea Smith, Julia Lambe, Ambria Barbee, and Dr. Valerie Rakes 
Anxiety Disorders: Activity Level vs. Benzodiazepines

Carine Shami, Elvia Portillo, Martin Solano, Delphia Henderson, and Dr. Valerie Rakes
  Leazer_Yates_Wike_Poster (1).jpg
Human Trafficking: PTSD Treatment
with Narrative Exposure Therapy

Kaylee Leazer, Katy Yates, Sheena Wikes, and Dr. Valerie Rakes
Using Music Therapy as an Effective
Intervention in Helping to Decrease
Preoperative Anxiety and Symptoms

Tiffany Grant, Breana Griffin, Madison Hunter, and Dr. Valerie Rakes 
Hormone Therapy for Postpartum Psychosis

Alexis Allibar, Casaudnra Allen, and Dr. Valerie Rakes
Is exercising Effective in Treating Severe Depression Compared to Pharmacological Agents?

Bailey Jackson, Richard Ajwang, Tatiana Rivers, and Dr. Valerie Rakes

Performing Arts

STEAM Heat: Theatre as a Teaching Tool for STEM and the Arts

Kelly Sandoval and Dr. Bradley Stephenson 


STEM versus STEAM Learning
Matthew Windsor and Craig Colkebeck
The Grapes of Resentment: Steinbeck
and the 2016 Presidential Election

Cassandra James and Dr. Norris Feeney
 Swimming with ASD: Benefits
beyond a Good Workout

Natalie Standard and Dr. Jennifer Klebaur
The Cost of Processed Foods

Ashley Bornkamp and Dr. Maria Vandergriff-Avery
Divided by Gender: Inequalities
in the Math Classroom

Branden Davis and Dr. Kerstin Rudolph
PRIVATE (Login Required):
Bridging the Gap Between People

and Parks: A Case Study of
Ankarafantsika National Park,

Eleanor King and Dr. Luke Dollar
The Pathogenesis of Social Anxiety Disorder:
An Explanation and Application of Major Social Science
Theories to a Common Mental Illness

Emily Fogleman, Dr. Sheila Brownlow, Dr. Edith
Bolick, and Dr. Jennifer Klebaur