Campus Life

This isn’t just a campus. This is a community.

Female science student in lab

Welcome to our living-learning community that doesn’t close when class is dismissed. Catawba College students fill their days with everything from special events and speakers to arts and athletics and everything in between. More than 40 student clubs and organizations will involve you in everything from service and civics to academics and recreation.

You’ll meet interesting people who share your passions and others who will turn your worldview upside down. You’ll try out new interests and discover new talents. You can follow your curiosity, make new discoveries, and make a difference on campus and in the community. This is student life at Catawba.

Welcome to Catawba. Welcome home.



Think you’ll be bored at a small College?

Think again! Life at Catawba is vibrant and exciting. With over 40 student clubs and organizations, Division II and intramural athletics, and countless theatre and music performances, you can keep your calendar as full as you like.

Living on Campus 

Living on Campus 

It all starts the moment you step foot on campus.

 You’ll uncover talents and interests you didn’t know you had, bond with friends and classmates who share your passions, and follow your curiosity beyond its limits.

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You’ll have the opportunity to serve the campus and local community through various service and volunteer organizations. Work with Volunteer Catawba, your team or club, or directly with an organization.

Commuter Students

You can pursue your interests and discover new ones right along with residential students.

Life in Salisbury

Salisbury is filled with everything you may need or want and is just steps from the Catawba campus.