Title IX


Title IX

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is one of several federal laws that address discrimination issues. Many people think of Title IX only in the context of athletics, but athletics is just one of ten areas addressed by the law. Title IX requires colleges/universities that receive federal funds and financial assistance to prohibit discrimination based on gender in all aspects of their education programs and activities.

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Title IX Coordinator

Dr. Regina SimmonsRegina Simmons
Title IX Coordinator; Director of Student Conduct
E-mail: csimmons21@catawba.edu
Phone: 704.637.4209

As Catawba College's Title IX Coordinator, I am responsible for assisting with and coordinating the campus' efforts in education and prevention of policy violations, programming and training, and investigation of potential policy violations. I work closely with Student Affairs, Human Resources, Academic Affairs, and the President's Office. I strongly encourage you to share your ideas and suggestions with my Deputy Coordinators or me. 

Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Meredith Cole
Deputy Title IX Coordinator / Assistant Director of Human Resources
E-mail: mncole19@catawba.edu
Office: ADM 118
Phone: 704.637.4116 

There are other Title IX team members with responsibilities as needed. 

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