Send a Care Package

A Catawba Tradition of Over 50 Years


Continuing a tradition of over 50 years, members of the Catawba Psychology Club are taking orders for CARE packages, which are delivered to students just as they begin studying in earnest for their finals. The packages include several items, including "comfort food" edibles of all sorts — but the most important part is a note of encouragement from you.

Order Now!


The packages are delivered to the dorm room; in the case that no one is in to receive the package, it is given to the RA. Commuter students will be alerted via note in their boxes that their package awaits in the mailroom.  We can also deliver to your office if you would like the CARE package to be there when a student comes to work.


The Psychology Club uses CARE packages as its main tool of fundraising. The monies raised are used to defray costs for members' trip to the annual Southeastern Psychological Association conference, where club members present their research, meet other psychologists and psychology students, and are interviewed for graduate school. All items in the package are purchased locally, so that they may support local businesses that have been instrumental in helping the College and its students. Thank you for your support!

Adopt a Student Who Needs a Boost!

We are often asked if other students can be adopted. The answer is YES! Anyone can send a package to a student who might not otherwise receive a CARE package. Just enter "Boost a Student" in the field where a student's name would be entered. Thank you for your generosity!


CARE packages cost just $15 and you may order them below. If you have questions please e-mail us using CARE in the subject line.

Special Dietary Needs

Does your student have special dietary needs? No problem! Just contact us to arrange a special package filled with your student's needs in mind.


Orders must be received by Nov. 27 at 5:00pm.  Deliveries are from Nov 29 to Dec 1.

Orders have now closed.