Lisa Pope

Adjunct Instructor, Environment & Sustainability / EnviroSmart Schools Coordinator

Lisa Pope is an environmental professional with 25+ years of experience in Environmental and Outdoor Education. She serves as the Program Lead for K-12 Education at Catawba College’s Center for the Environment.  She coordinates the EnviroSmart Schools Program and Immersive Research Collaborative (IRC), a networking platform for collaborative research and action for the environment. 

The EnviroSmart Schools Program integrates sustainability into education policy, school curricula, teacher education and student practice. She also assists with the coordination of the National Environmental Summit and community outreach. 

Lisa teaches in the Environment and Sustainability Bachelor of Science degree program.  She provides expertise in the preparation and professional development of environmental educators.  She supports students in achieving North Carolina Environmental Education Certification through the NC Office of Environmental Education and Public Affairs in the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality.

Lisa has a passion for exploring the great outdoors with students of all ages!