Catawba College's Riser Has Articles Accepted for Publication

Catawba College faculty member, Dr. Diana Riser, had a book chapter and journal article accepted for publication.

The journal article was accepted to the Journal of Child & Adolescent Trauma and is entitled "Electrocortical correlates of emotion processing in resilient and non-resilient individuals." The article, co-authored with a former student and a former colleague examines how childhood trauma and resilient characteristics influence emotion processing as indicated by EEG.

The book chapter is on gender and diversity in the forthcoming textbook "Everyday Diversity: Developing Cultural Competency and Information Awareness" by Cognella Academic Publishing. This book chapter was co-authored with two former students and a former colleague. The gender chapter provides foundational learning on defining sex, defining gender, and the role of sex and gender in social experiences.

Riser, a developmental psychologist, joined the Catawba College psychology department in Fall 2022. She earned her BA in Psychology and Philosophy at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and her PhD in Developmental & Biological Psychology with a Minor in Women's and Gender Studies from Virginia Tech.

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