Catawba College Sport Management Summer in Baseball

by Emma White '21 ...

by Emma White '21

PHOTO: Left to right: Catawba College Sports Management students: Aryn Door, Alex Seufert, Henderson Lentz, KJ Freeman and Mackenzie Rennie.

Meet some of Catawba’s Sports Management students and alumni: Catawba College Sport Management alumni, undergraduate students and future graduate students have been excelling in their baseball roles this summer from working in USA Baseball, Minor League Baseball, and Major League Baseball. Working in baseball is not all peanuts and Cracker Jacks; it is challenging and requires a strong work ethic, but more importantly, working in baseball is fun, especially if you love the game. 

Jade Williams ’22
(Charlotte, NC), USA Baseball
“My main role at USA baseball as a PDP (Prospect Development Pipeline) Operation Intern is to support the day-to-day operations of USA Baseball and Major League Baseball's Prospect Development Pipeline (PDP). The PDP is an effort by USA Baseball and the Commissioner's Office that establishes an official identification and player development pathway for amateur baseball players in the United States. 


The biggest highlight of my internship is getting to working alongside of Fred McGriff, Marvin Freeman, and Ken Griffey Sr., and major and minor league scouts. My first day of work was an 18-day trip to different states. At first, I was terrified because I knew nothing about baseball and here, I am about to work with USA Baseball on the longest trip I have ever been on before. Now as we are reaching the end of the summer, I can say I am thankful for the opportunity I have had with USA Baseball, and it has definitely taught me so much. I have created great friendships with my fellow interns and made great connections with resources working in the sports industry.  

The thing I love the most about working in baseball is watching the different athletes, learning more about the sport of baseball itself, and of course traveling. I worked the first ever MLB Draft Combine and some of the players that I tested were drafted in the MLB Draft. Also, the traveling is amazing. I have been to Compton, CA to the MLB Youth Academy, Vero Beach, Florida to the Jackie Robinson Training Center, in Atlanta, GA to the East Cobb Baseball Complex and more since I’ve became an intern with USA Baseball. 

This experience has made me realize that I would want to work in baseball after graduation. For my love of sports, I now can say I would be grateful to work with any sport within the sport industry.”

Aryn Dorr ’22
(Chesapeake Beach, MD), Kannapolis Cannon Ballers
“The pandemic cancelled my summer 2019 internship at the Cannon Ballers but a year later, I am currently completing my internship with a group of people that I am very grateful for! The opportunity to work the Inaugural Kannapolis Cannon Ballers season is a once in a lifetime opportunity and when Vince Marcucci hired me to join the team, I was very thankful. 

Every day at the stadium consists of learning, fan engagement, and having a blast! Working in Minor League Baseball involves a lot of hard work and dedication, but I am glad that I took on the challenge with the team! That is probably what I love most about it all. Finishing a home stand and looking back at the week to see everything I have accomplished and learned. With being a general intern, we are given different tasks and jobs daily which has given me the opportunity to learn throughout the entire stadium and office. I am excited to finish out the season with the Cannon Ballers and see what else is in store for me!” 

Henderson Lentz ’21
(Salisbury, NC), Kannapolis Cannon Ballers
“I have had the opportunity to work in a wide variety of roles throughout the organization. Game operations, ticketing, sales, marketing, promotional ideas, even putting up the K’s for strikeouts during the game. KJ Freeman, Mackenzie Rennie, and I were also tasked with putting together a Salisbury Community Night game for July 18th. Several local businesses and sports teams came to the game and were acknowledged for their positive impact on the community. 

I love working in baseball because it has always been my favorite sport. So, having the opportunity to come to work at such a beautiful ballpark is a dream come true. Being a small part of this Inaugural season with the Kannapolis Cannon Ballers is definitely an opportunity that I will never forget.”

Mackenzie Rennie ’22
(Greensboro, NC), Kannapolis Cannon Ballers
“I have found that working in baseball is a very unique experience as no two days are the same. I admire how adaptable everyone needs to be to work in this industry and love the comradery that comes with it. For the most part, I have been switching roles along with some of the other interns at the park. I will work in the box office selling tickets one day, and then I will be managing a duck pond on the next. Through a couple years of various jobs, I have found that I work best in changing and fast-paced environments. Baseball fits perfectly.”

KJ Freeman ’22
(Charlotte, NC), Kannapolis Cannon Ballers
kjfreeman.jpg“My experience thus far has been a blast! In getting to work with Assistant General Manager Vince Marcucci, I have gained new insights in not only the baseball world but sport as a whole. Every day here in Kannapolis I have been provided with chances of helping with merchandise, creating social media content, and even helping with in-game promotions.  

My roles have consisted of a wide range of activities from helping with Boomer appearances to driving players where they need to go. During game days my roles rotate from ticket taking, carnival games, being a section leader and more.  

I think what I love the most about working in MiLB is that there is work to do, but fun that can be made while doing it. The job itself has many moments where it feels more like fun than work. At the Cannon Ballers, we really want to give people a show that makes them come back and hope that we can give them such a great experience that win or lose they “Have a Blast!!”

Alex Seufert ’23
(Sykesville, MD), Kannapolis Cannon Ballers
“So far, my internship experience has been wild. I've been a part of so many fun projects and have gotten to do a lot of new things and experience many different fields. Honestly, the thing I love the most about working in MiLB is how no two days are the same. Whenever someone asks what I do for my internship, I always say I could be making sales calls one day and power washing the stadium the next day. Some of the most important things I've learned from this internship is to always respect the grind, and no matter what you're doing, “Have a Blast!”

Emily Goddard ’20
Kannapolis Cannon Ballers
“During my time in Kannapolis, I have most enjoyed the atmosphere that the staff creates on game days to make it a memorable experience for the fans! The hard work that everybody puts in each day to get that atmosphere every game day is mesmerizing. My day-to-day responsibilities includes assisting the Director of Retail Operations with restocking the team store, taking inventory of merchandise, processing online orders daily, and assisting in overseeing game day staff. One of the things that I love about working in baseball is the uniqueness of promotions and giveaways. Getting to see the Human Cannonball was something that you do not get to see every day. Seeing the fans reactions to these promotions and giveaways makes it all worth it.” 


Bryce Williamson ’22
(North Augusta, SC), Augusta Green Jackets
“Working in minor league baseball has been one of the best experiences. The opportunity to gain knowledge on how a minor league baseball organization works, where things are always changing, has been eye-opening. With the Green. Jackets moving from being a San Francisco Giants organization to becoming an Atlanta Braves organization, it is almost like a new team. 

My main role with the team has been to work with promotions and sales. I have also served with many of our camps and specials events. 

We have had so many different promotions and different theme nights to bring more people to the park, especially since the season prior was canceled due to COVID-19. 

Seeing so many happy faces because of minor league baseball makes me proud to be working with the Green Jackets.”

Gio Sterling ’22
(Holiday, FL), Clearwater Thrashers
“My summer internship has been a great experience so far. We have had a busy season with home games and the American Athletic Conference Baseball Championship which was held in May. Clearwater is excited to get back to normal and fans have been excited to come out. I have learned that incentives increase attendance and revenue. Our ballpark has $1 Tuesdays when you can get in for $1, eat popcorn and hotdogs for $1, and drink beer for $1. This does not give you a seat, but it gets you in the ballpark. Tuesdays are one of our busiest days. Our Park was sold out for 4th of July game while we celebrated the evening with a tribute to America and fireworks.”

Heidi Mueller ’21
(Waxhaw, NC), Charlotte Knights
“My experience so far has been so fun and unique. I’ve really enjoyed getting to meet new people and getting to interact with the fans and make a good impression on behalf of the organization.  

 As part of the promotions team, my main role is to find participants for our promotions and games that take place throughout the game, and to make sure they’re where they need to be for said promotions and games. 

What I love most so far is the atmosphere of the whole organization. Everyone, whether employees or fans, is always so upbeat and happy to be there which makes it very easy for me to do the same. There has never been a moment where I didn’t want to be there and there’s never been a day that I didn’t look forward to going to work. When I’m not finding participants or getting them where they need to be, I get to sit and enjoy the game, so I really get the best of both worlds.  

When I applied to this job, I started considering promotions as a potential career because I felt I’d be good at it, and I’d enjoy it. After starting this job and getting into it, I’ve realized that this is definitely something I want to pursue and make a career in. You always see promotions during baseball games, so there’s no better sport to work in.”

Jhalisa Bell ’21
(San Diego, CA), San Diego Padres
“What better way to enjoy baseball than to be right up in the action? I have the incredible opportunity to work for the San Diego Padres and nothing beats the awesome team, beautiful ballpark, and the die-hard fans. This summer of baseball is bringing me new experiences and learning opportunities every day, while getting to watch my hometown, and favorite, baseball team, big perk of the job.  

I work in the guest services representatives crew at Petco Park, so everyday looks a little different. Anywhere from scanning tickets, assisting with directions all around the ballpark, to managing a variety of different sections in the seating bowl, I do a bit of everything to enhance the fan experience. 

Working in the MLB is more than just a paycheck, I have the chance to make someone's experience the memory of a lifetime which can turn them into lifelong fans. It is also incredible to work for the team I love and have watched since I was young.”

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