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Douglas K. Brown  DougBrown.jpg
Office: KET 308
Phone:(704) 637-4303

  • Professor of Mathematics
  • B.A., Sarah Lawrence College; Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University

In his own words: "I joined the faculty of Catawba College in 2008 after spending 19 years at the Altoona College of Penn State followed by three years at Livingstone College — an evolution from a Nittany Lion to a Blue Bear to an Indian. My mathematical interests are in the foundations of the subject, an area that borders on philosophy and is frequently referred to as Mathematical Logic. In particular, my research is in the mysteriously named area of Reverse Mathematics; roughly the study of the axioms necessary to prove the fundamental theorems of Mathematics. In addition to travelling with my family, my non-academic avocations have included construction (carpentry), twenty years as a part-time paramedic, military history and an obsession with politics — especially in terms of civil liberties."



Sharon L. Sullivan 
Office: ADM 334A
Phone: (704) 637-4741

  • Professor of Mathematics
  • B.S. Trinity College
  • M.S., University of Vermont
  • Ph.D., University of Kentucky

In her own words: "I consider myself a pure mathematician with research interests in algebraic combinatorics. I am very interested in taking various areas of mathematics and looking for patterns and special arrangements. (This could involve student research as well) I also am very interested in how mathematics relates to various disciplines especially art and architecture. This fall I am presenting a talk on Cultural Mathematics, showing math teachers interconnections between Western mathematics and nonwestern mathematics. Outside of the classroom, my family is the most important thing. I am involved with the public schools and usually give a talk at Salisbury High during the fall to their math club. I enjoy hiking, swimming and reading in my spare time."


JohnZerger.jpgJohn Zerger 
Office: KET 312
Phone: (704) 637-4426

  • Professor of Mathematics
  • B.A., Bluffton College
    M.S., Ph.D., Kansas State University

In his own words: "Although I am a pure group theorist by training, I spend a lot of time with interdisciplinary pursuits. I have co-authored papers in Economics and Management Theory, as well as within other fields in mathematics. I am certified in the state of North Carolina to teach grades 6 – 12 and so maintain involvement in the public school system." Read more »

Associate Professors

Jason W. Hunt

Office: KET 311
Phone: (704) 637-4256

  • Associate Professor of Mathematics
  • B.S., Wofford College
  • M.A., Wake Forest University
  • Ph.D., Emory University

In his own words: "My research interests are in areas of Discrete Math. In particular I enjoy Graph Theory and Combinatorics. The great thing about these fields is that there are many problems that can easily be understood and researched by students. Since being here at Catawba College I have found myself working with colleagues in the Mathematics Department as well as the School of Business in many different areas of research." Read more »

Assistant Professor

kathybaker.jpgKatherine Baker
Office: KET 313
Phone: (704) 637-4427

  • Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Computer


Professor Emeritus

PaulBaker.jpgPaul L. Baker

  • Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
  • B.S., M.A., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • M.Div., Hood Theological Seminary
  • Ph.D., University of Delaware

In his own words: "Professionally, I am a point-set topologist (mathematician). Some of my research interests include Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometries, computer cryptology and artificial intelligence, statistics, indecomposable continua, and mathematics education. I published a paper entitled, "Using FreeCell to Teach Mathematics." One of my research projects concerns the statistics of Chinese fortune cookies." Read more »